Kenshiro comes back from the cave and learns that Sara has done everything she can for Bista. Tobi has taken his brother into Sanga's bedroom for him to rest, but his condition isn't good. Tobi looks around the room and is disgusted over Sanga using his brother to achieve all of this wealth and power.

Ken finds out that Bista has only a couple of days left to live at most. Sara explains that his wound has been infected by acute Tetanus. There is a medicine for this, but the place Sara knows where it's at is a four day drive away at least. Ken asks if there is any other way, so Sara suggests a more dangerous route through some mountains -if someone took a jeep and took that route at top speed, they might make it. But the mountains are guarded by a group known as the Clifflanders, who are masters of an assassination style. Nobody who has gone there has come back. Kenshiro says he'll take that path regardless.

Ken tells Sara that she must keep her God status for now -if Sanga's troops try and attack her, she must use her status to get the villagers to defend her. They will tell the villagers the truth after Bista has been healed. He then gets into a jeep and heads towards the mountains. Meanwhile, Sanga's troops are wondering what to do now their master is dead. None of them wish to attack Kenshiro, as they all believe they will die.

They consider leaving Last Land, but another soldier tells them that he just saw Kenshiro leave in a jeep and head towards the mountains. They then decide to just go to the main tower and capture the miracle woman and the God boy so they can rule the place instead. If Kenshiro does come back, they can use the fake Gods to turn the villagers of him. With this plan they head towards the palace, but then see a man in a cloak and believe that Kenshiro has returned! They cower in fear but they then realise that the man isn't Kenshiro. He introduces himself as Seiji. He bears the name that Sanga never mentions.

The troops explain that Sanga won't mention anything ever again, as he is dead! This takes Seiji by surprise, but they then hear a bike heading their way. Sure enough, two more people arrive and head towards the group.

The troops see the blue marks on the new guy's foreheads and realise that they are from the secretive Clifflanders clan. Seiji removes his cloak and the two Clifflanders tell him that nobody is allowed to leave their clan and reveal it's secrets. Seiji says their words are nonsense and that he only trained with them to further his ambitions. In just two years, he learnt everything they had to offer. He charges up his battle aura, which releases a blue light.

The Clifflanders warn Seiji that even if they are killed, he will be punished by the North Star. Seiji again thinks they are talking nonsense and with just two moves, kills both of them. The troops notice that Seiji uses a similar style to Kenshiro. Seiji then walks back up to them and says he overheard their plan earlier, but he is in command now, and he intends to rule Last Land.

As far as Seiji is concerned, anything that belonged to Sanga now belongs to him. He asks Ches, one of Sanga's troops, what he wants to do: either obey him or die now. Unsurprisingly Ches says he will follow him and the rest of the troops do the same. Later on, a sand storm tears though Last Land and Sara watches it through one of the palace's windows...

...when Seiji appears. He breaks the window and demands to know where the body of Sanga is. She takes him down into the hidden cave, where Seiji is surprised to find water which he can actually drink. He then finds out what Sanga's grave is and upon seeing it...

...he goes into a rage and destroys it. Sanga's damaged body tumbles out and crashes into a rock. He calls Sanga pathetic, especially for someone who attempted to become a King. He wants Sanga to die again and hits his body once more, sending blood everywhere. He tells Sara he climbed out of hell to kill Sanga.

Later on, it appears Ches has been promoted as he leads some other soldiers into the throne room. Seiji now sits in Sanga's throne and he tells Ches to take Sara away and imprison her for now. He has heard that she can do miracles, so she might be of use later.

Meanwhile, Kenshiro continues to drive through the mountains. He doesn't encounter anyone but after crossing a bridge, he sees some statues up on a cliff. These statues suddenly crumble and break up, rolling down the cliff and heading straight towards the jeep.

Apparently Hokuto Shinken has a few driving techniques to use as Kenshiro skillfully avoids almost all of the rocks. He stops the jeep outside a large gate and as soon as he gets out, he takes his stance as someone shouts out that nobody can go beyond this point.

Some Clifflanders appear and immediately attack Kenshiro. He takes them all out , but he lets all of his attackers live rather than making them explode. He gets to the gate and notices the kanji on it -it means the "North Star Gate". He asks if he could just pass through here without any more confrontations.

Three men in red jump down and one of them tells Ken that he may not pass. Beyond this gate lies their training ground, and no outsider may enter it, so he should just leave. Ken explains that a child is sick and that there isn't much time left. The Clifflanders do not care for this, saying that one life is not as important as their rule. Seeing how he has no choice, Kenshiro gets ready to fight.

The three men start to circle around and Ken realises that they are using a technique known as Hokuto Tenki Ken (North Star Ascension Fist) -it seems that this place is related to Hokuto Shinken. Meanwhile, in Last Land., Seiji is dreaming about his past...

One day, young Seiji was crawling across a log. The log was over a very large canyon, but Seiji gets to the other side. However, his father, Sanga, is waiting for him.

Without saying anything, Sanga kicks the log and makes it fall. Seiji quickly jumps off it and grabs onto his father, but he grabs his arms and holds him over the canyon. He then suddenly releases him and Seiji falls into the canyon.

Seiji then wakes up and realises that he has had that dream again. He hates his past and smashes a table in frustration. Meanwhile, Kenshiro finds out that the Clifflander's style is known as "Hokumon no Ken" (Fist of the North Gate). The three men all attack Kenshiro at once...

...but all are beaten down. Again, Kenshiro doesn't kill any of them. The three Clifflanders realise that Ken has hit their pressure points, so his style must also be related to their own. Kenshiro says he wants to see more of the Hokumon no Ken style, and tells them to come at him again.

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