Ryuga tells Toki that if Kenshiro cannot defeat him, he has no place in this world. He will plunge him into the depths of sadness. And to do that, Toki must die. Toki says he understands, and tells Ryuga to do it -and he can then bear witness to the new era with his own eyes. Ryuga strikes Toki, and Lin cries out Ken's name.

Kenshiro seems to hear Lin, and then sees a shooting star go past the big dipper...has something happened? Ken turns around and starts to run towards Toki's village. Meanwhile, Raoh finds out that another village now belongs to him. His Empire is almost complete.

Raoh is pleased, but then also senses something -has Toki finally fallen? Meanwhile, Kenshiro gets to Toki's village and finds Lin and Bat. The two explain to him that Ryuga has attacked Toki and has taken him away to his castle. And at the castle...

...Ryuga is waiting, saying that his service to Raoh has ended, and all he wants to do now is defeat Kenshiro. At the outer grounds of the castle, one Captain explains to the troops that Kenshiro will be coming here and they need to get ready, but he then hears tapping on the wall. He goes up to it, only for him to get his head knocked off when one of the bricks gets launched out of the wall.

Kenshiro has arrived, and after kicking down part of a wall, he enters the grounds of the castle. The guards outside attack him, but none of them are a match for Ken's nunchaku.

Kenshiro enters the castle, and after finding and defeating the odd one or two guards, he comes up against a large group of them. He defeats them all quickly before heading on.

Ken kills the last three guards and enters Ryuga's room. Ken wants to know where Toki is, but Ryuga simply raises his finger and points to the floor. There is a lot of blood on it and Ryuga asks if he wants to fight now. Ken wants to know why he did this senseless murder, but Ryuga just tells him to fight, then he'll understand.

And with that, Ryuga leaps out of his chair and starts to battle with Ken. Kenshiro avoids his initial strike, but Ryuga is instantly on him again. However, Ken also gets out of the way of this next attack...

...and then strikes back, hitting Ryuga in the face. Ryuga gets back up and says that if that is all he has, he will not be able to change the world. Ken just wants to know where Toki is and asks again. Meanwhile, Raoh finds out that Ryuga has started to fight Kenshiro, and wonders what he hopes to accomplish with this.

Ryuga reveals that he has Toki's bandanna, which is covered in blood, and tells Kenshiro that Toki is dead,. He then starts to laugh. This is enough to finally get a true rise out of Kenshiro, who tears his jacket apart and tells Ryuga that if he wants to die that badly, he will give him that death.

Ryuga shows some fear, but then gathers enough courage to dash towards Kenshiro, using a technique called Tenrou Toga Ken (Celestial Wolf Freezing Fang Fist), but Kenshiro stops his attack by kicking his hand.

Ryuga tries his attack again, but Ken turns and roundhouse kicks him in the face. Ryuga instantly recovers and hits Ken's shoulder, but Ken grabs his hand and removes it. Ryuga then uses a rapid fire style technique...

...but Kenshiro blocks all of his strikes and then knocks his arms apart, before using a one armed rapid punching technique. He hits Ryuga many times, before stopping his attack with a punch to his chest.

Just as Kenshiro is about to land a final, fatal punch, he stops, as he notices that Ryuga is wearing a necklace with a picture of Yuria on it! Toki then appears and tells Kenshiro to stop. There is no need for him to finish Ryuga off, as he is already dead. He ended his own life before the battle even began.

As Ryuga slumps to the floor, his belt breaks apart, revealing that his stomach has been bleeding heavily. He slit it open before the fight. The blood over the floor is actually Ryuga's, and not Toki's. In his quest for peace, Ryuuga had become a bloodthirsty monster. But he realised the error of his ways and chose to end his title of being the monstrous wolf, with the blood on the floor being his tears. Ryuuga tells Ken that when he saw the chaos the world was now in after the nuclear war, he searched for the one who would be able to restore order. He thought that Ken-Oh, with his plans of conquest, was what the world would need.

Remember how Ryuga first met Raoh? Yes.

But then, remember how Ryuga first met Kenshiro? Yes. And how he tried to fight him before? Yes.

Ryuga didn't realise how strong he was and now believes that Kenshiro will rule this age, not Raoh. Toki tells Kenshiro that this was the fate of the lone wolf star, with Ryuga sacrificing himself for what he believed in. With his last words, Ryuga tells Kenshiro that Yuria made the right choice when she fell in love with him.

Ryuga then dies, as Toki tells Kenshiro that he was Yuria's brother. He tells Kenshiro not to grieve, but to turn that grief into fury, and to live on. Ken-Oh's power comes from conquest and fear, whilst true peace only comes from Kenshiro's hands.

Toki then picks Ryuga's body up and says that they will join the others who lived their lives driven by destiny. They will watch Kenshiro from the stars above. Ken then watches as Toki walks out.

Toki looks up at the stars, and sees the star of death, which is very bright. Suddenly, it disappears, and Toki knows that his time has come. He says farewell to Kenshiro.

Toki and Ryuga then begin to fade away, and Toki soon meets the same fate as Ryuga.

(Farewell...Warriors with burning souls)

(Chapter Three: Military Rule in Troubled Times)

(The End)


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