In the middle of the night, a man known as Koryu is sitting in meditation. He knows that another star of Nanto has fallen. But now, the stars of Hokuto have begun to rise. Another man appears who moves as fast as a ninja, who is Zengyo. Koryu tells his servant that Raoh has begun to move again, and he needs him to track his movements. Zengyo vanishes as Koryu thinks about how Hokuto appears when Nanto is in disarray.

Elsewhere, at a cave, Raoh is still letting the wound on his shoulder heal. He thinks about his battle with Kenshiro at Mamiya's village, but he still hasn't fully recovered yet.

Remember when Raoh fought Kenshiro? Yes.

Back in the present, Raoh crushes a rock with one of his hands, but he says his wounds have yet to fully heal. However, Ken-Oh will return, as he is the only one who can rule in these chaotic times.

And at yet another place, Toki is helping the sick. Entering a place with a dangerously ill child, Toki works his magic as Kenshiro thinks about how great Toki's style is, and how he was meant to be the next successor to Hokuto Shinken.

Ken thinks to when the war started, and how nuclear bombs were used. These caused massive amounts of destruction, but he, Yuria and Toki managed to get underground and ran towards the nearest fallout shelter.

Remember when Toki pushed Ken and Yuria into the shelter whilst he remained outside? Yes. Two weeks later, Ken found that Toki was still alive.

Having saved the life of the child, Toki and friends head out to a bridge and look across the ruins of a city, which Lin refers to as "beautiful"...I guess this kind of view is as good as you can get in 199X. And then we have a short, largely pointless flashback to the episode where Toki explains that he wants to use Hokuto Shinken to heal people, and cure the most dangerous illnesses.

Remember when Toki entered a village and started to heal all of the sick people in it? Yes. It became known as the village of miracles. But...

"Kenshiro, violence is good!" Remember Amiba? Yes. Toki remembers Amiba, who worked for Raoh and impersonated him. Amiba went to the village of miracles and ruined it.

Remember how Toki got sent to Cassandra prison? Yes. Remember when Toki destroyed those two guards just as Kenshiro, Rei and Mamiya arrived to rescue him? Yes. Toki said that he wanted to dedicate the rest of his life to healing others, but something awakened in him when he saw Kenshiro fight Souther -he now also wants to fight.

Elsewhere, a group are punks are celebrating as they just took out a truck which was transporting a lot of food. As they feast, they hear something heading their way and turn to see Raoh on his horse. They don't know who he is though, and demand that he give them all of his food -unless he wants to die. Raoh just calls them fools and charges up with power...

...and releases a energy blast which knocks the punks away, but doesn't kill them. Regarding them as simply trash, Raoh continues on, leaving the punks quite scared of him. Zengyo, who was hiding at the top of a building, saw this and heads back to report it to his master -Raoh is heading in their direction. Koryu sees that Raoh has not given up his ambition of conquering the heavens.

Remember when Raoh revealed he was going to use Hokuto Shinken to rule the world and conquer the heavens? And that he'd take on the Gods if he had to? Yes. Koryu then reveals who he is in terms of importance to Hokuto Shinken -he once fought against Ryuken to decide who would be the successor to the style.

The battle was evenly sided -and both fighters were in danger of just killing each other before a successor could be named.

Neither of them wanted to fight like that and in the end, Koryu decided to let Ryuken become the successor, whilst he exiled himself. But now the danger of Raoh's ambition has come, he has decided to fight once more. He tells Zengyo that he will kill Raoh and stop him from carrying out his plan. Out near some mountains, Raoh comments that the storm brewing is a sign of his return. He continues on his way to where Koryu is. Back with Ken, Toki comments that 5 of the 6 Nanto stars have fallen.

It will be Ken's destiny to face the 6th -but Ken wants to know what Toki plans to do now. Toki has decided that he will end his brother's quest and seal his fist -there can only be one true successor to Hokuto Shinken, and the title does not belong to Raoh!


Raoh Vs. Koryu! See the battle in "Another Hokuto Shinken Successor! Raoh Gives Himself to Darkness!!"

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