Ass Man
What all Gamestation employees want to be!

Back to the Future Part 3
With a twist!

Castlevania Symphony of the Night S.E.
If you don't get this, you don't visit Random Action Hour enough!

Evil sign?
This is a sign I occasionally go past if I have to walk in to work. What happens at that company is a mystery other than they hopefully don't hurt people. UPDATE: The sign is gone.

How to win a fight on the Internet vol.1
fatboybozo kicks things off. Comments found on a Resident Evil 5 video review which has since been removed from Youtube.

Santa Vs. Aladdin
Near the end of 2008, I went to the canteen at work to find the place empty. Best lunch ever! I also found this leaflet.

Tales from the German dictionary #1: Michelin Man!
These pictures/messages were in the German dictionary I had during high school. And this picture, of the Michelin Man, was done by my super best buddy Will Johnson.

Tales from the German dictionary #2: Will Johnson
Drawn by Jason Mansell. I didn't write the "its will haha!", but Will replied to it. If you want a funny story about Jason, at school one time he kicked another one of my friends in the junk for no reason and got suspended for it. It really was a laugh a minute at my school. Also, it says "I'll have a open heart surgery with coke!" at the top right. Not sure what that's all about, Will wrote it.

Tales from the German dictionary #3: Nazi edition
Sometimes I wish I had more control over what people wrote in this dictionary. The worst thing with this one, which was clearly written by Will, is that I had no idea it had been put in there until a couple of years after I left high school, and just happened to randomly find the dictionary. Who knows what would have happened had a teacher seen it.

Tales from the German dictionary #4: Michael³
A possible movie idea from Will Johnson.

Tales from the German dictionary #5: Here's Mitchey!
I should have kept a better guard of my German dictionary.

Tales from the German dictionary #6: Michael Walmsley in space
Another possible movie idea.

Tales from the German dictionary #7: Fat Steve returns
Will told me that at his old school, they sometimes had a disco and this really fat DJ called Fat Steve would come in. This led to several fan fiction attempts by Will to try and make a horror story out of him, but it never happened.