The start of this round takes place in a Chinatown. Most of this section involves you jumping upwards, moving along, then having to drop down (hold down on the d-pad and press the jump button to do this). The kung-fu guys from earlier return here, attacking with flying kicks. There are also some female fighters who leap around, and will strike with kicks and hand swipes if you get close. They also take several shuriken hits to take down.

Between two buildings there is a difficult jump -you will need to jump from a traffic light and head left, and land on some signs. Break open the boxes for a power-up and an extra life, and then jump up above the signs. You need to jump over all the way to the right, which is a long distance, so try doing a later somersault jump to get across. In the next building there are even more enemies, including some nunchaku wielders throughout this section, who can block shurikens thrown at them. Wait for them to lash out, then quickly move in and kill them with a close range strike.

The next section takes place ont he top of a train. The train is inside a tunnel, and there are several girders that you will either need to jump over or duck under to avoid. Many of the boxes in this section contain bombs, so it may be worth avoiding them unless you are running low on shurikens. Some ninjas, now clad in violet, will also make an appearance.

Once the train moves out of the tunnel, you'll only have to fight with ninjas and some flamethrower-carrying soldiers. There is one part of the train with many boxes next to each other -nearly all of these contain a bomb, but the middle box contains a health item.

The boss of this round is Spider-Man Web-Bat. Web-Bat can throw three web projectiles at the same time, which will spread out and cover a good area of the map. Thankfully these projectiles can be destroyed via throwing shuriken at them. If you get hit by a web, it will slow you down, so rapidly press left and right to shake it off. Web-Bat's only other attack is to drop down and charge into you if you walk underneath him -his body will flash yellow when this happens, and he cannot be hit.

To hit Web-Bat, you need to jump up and at the tip of the jump, throw a shuriken at him whilst he's crawling around on the ceiling. Shuriken spraying also works if you've got enough of them spare. After taking a few hits, Web-Bat will morph into Batman a new form!

Web-Bat's second form is a winged menace who is protected by several smaller bats. These bats will knock into you, but can be killed. However, more smaller bats will keep appearing no matter what, so concentrate your attacks on Web-Bat only. Web-Bat will fly around and then try and charge into you, you can try ducking in the corner to avoid this, or somersault jumping. His other attack involves quickly flying from one side of the screen to the other in succession, just duck or jump to avoid him.

The more he gets hit, the more Web-Bat's costume changes color, getting brighter and brighter until he explodes. When this happens, all of the smaller bats will also die, and a single small red bat which you can't hit will fly away.