Q] What's your goal with each playthrough exactly?

A] To get through each game on its default difficulty setting without using a continue (a.k.a. one credit clear, or 1cc).

Q] Are there any games you've failed to one credit clear?

A] At the moment, the only ones are both versions of Earnest Evans (for the Genesis and SEGA CD). The game is terrible and I only did videos for them because I wanted to do every game in the series (the other games are El Viento and Annet Futatabi). I really don't have the patience to try and get good at it and anyone who can beat that game without getting killed once deserves a round of applause.

Q] What's the difficulty rating mean?

How difficult was this game for me to beat? Here's a table showing what each rating means:

0 out of 5
Most likely played whilst sleeping.
1 out of 5
Most likely played with one hand.
2 out of 5
3 out of 5
4 out of 5
Hard in places
5 out of 5
Making this video involved screaming and at least 3 smashed controllers.

Q] Why do you sometimes change the difficulty level to make it harder?

A] Occasionally there is a genuine reason. In the case of Street Fighter: Real Battle on Film for the SEGA Saturn, you have to have the game on level 6 difficulty if you want to fight the secret boss at the end of the game. But then other times I just do it for an extra challenge, such as with SNES Super Street Fighter II.

Q] Are you using actual hardware or emulators?

A] For the most part, the games are played on real consoles. The only game I've used an emulator for is the Game Gear version of Fatal Fury Special, as I wanted to do videos for all of the Fatal Fury games released on SEGA systems, and there was no way to do a video of that one other than using an emulator (I used KEGA Fusion). I don't always use the original hardware -for example, I play Playstation games on my Playstation 2, and the Star Wars Rogue Squadron Gamecube game was played on a Wii.

Q] Why do you have two different Youtube accounts?

A] My main account, where you'll find all of the videos mentioned in this section, is this one. I have another account here which I plan to add some short videos for, or playthroughs I don't want on my main channel (such as videos showing original Xbox games running on an Xbox 360).

Q] You're from the UK, right? Why do you seem to always use the Japanese and occasionally American versions of games for older systems?

A] Because European (PAL) games run slower and have large black borders, which the Japanese and American versions don't have. This was a problem in Europe up until the Dreamcast came out, as developers started putting an option in that let you choose between 50hz (slower) and 60hz (normal). Also Japanese games are often cheaper than PAL ones for certain formats, such as the SNES. And then some games came out in Japan that never came out anywhere else -such as almost all of SNK's entire SEGA Saturn ports.

Q] Do you always go for secret bosses in fighting games?

A] As long as the requirements to get them to appear aren't dumb, then yes, I will. But if they are stupid then I won't (for example, fighting Jade in the Mortal Kombat reboot requires getting a double flawless victory over Shang Tsung. I'm not doing that.)

Q] What do you use to record your videos?

A] See this page here.

Q] Why do you sometimes remove videos?

A] The only reason I do this is to replace old videos with new higher quality ones, such as the case with my playthroughs of the Sonic games on the Xbox 360. Originally my videos for these were 720p, 30 frames per second. Now they're 1080p, 60 frames per second.

Q] How are you able to upload your playthroughs? Aren't the file sizes massive?

A] Some of them are, mainly the Xbox 360, PS3 and newer stuff like that. What I use is a program called Handbrake -which can be downloaded for free here -which compresses the videos down into much smaller files. There is some loss of quality but it generally isn't noticeable (apart from when a black background is shown) and to put it simply, if I didn't use it, I wouldn't be able to upload any videos of games played on modern consoles.

Q] Can I download your original uncompressed files from anywhere?

A] No, sorry. I don't keep them and as I mentioned earlier, some of them would be way too big for me to upload anywhere anyway.

Q] How do I watch your videos in 60 frames per second?

A] This is something that is only available for my PC, PS3 and most of my Xbox 360 videos. When you click on a video, click on the cog in the bottom right corner, then click on "quality". This will bring up a list of options. Choose either 720p60 or 1080p60. The 60fps option isn't available in all web browsers -if you can't see it, try using Chrome or Firefox.

Q] Are there any games you want to playthrough but can't beat?

A] There have been a few that I never thought I'd be able to do, such as any of the older Mortal Kombat games and Virtua Fighter 2, but I've managed to beat them. So at the moment, the answer is no.

Q] Do you have a Youtube partnership?

A] No. I don't make any money from my videos, and that's fine with me as I work a full-time job so I don't have to worry about it. Personally it surprises me that so many people try and make a living just doing videos, it seems like a huge risk. But maybe that's just me.

Q] Do you have any copyright strikes or anything like that?

A] I've had one fraudulent copyright strike and lots of content matches. You can read more about my Youtube copyright adventures here.

Q] Why don't you do commentary?

I don't like the sound of my own voice and the truth is, I seriously doubt I'd be able to provide an interesting commentary for an entire video. What I might do someday is perhaps make a few short videos which briefly talk about a couple of games for 5 minutes each, but that's a really low priority at the moment.

Q] Why don't you do Neo Geo or Nintendo 64 playthroughs?

A] I have been unable to get my Neo Geo to work with my Dazzle capture card. I can get audio, but not video, and despite trying several different cables, nothing works, so I can't do any Neo Geo games at the moment. As for the Nintendo 64, I don't own any games I want to do playthroughs of.

Q] Have you ever failed to beat a game and had to start again?

A] Oh, tons of times. There are some I can breeze through easily on my first recording attempt, but a lot of them take several attempts. I wish I'd kept the recordings of my failures as I could have made a video showing my screw ups and I'm sure some people would have found it funny. Take it from me, if you want to start doing Youtube game playthroughs, be prepared to practice, practice and practice some more.