I own a Japanese Mega CD 2 console, although as far as I know it's only the case that looks different, the insides are the same as the original SEGA CD.

Annet Futatabi
Video length: 54:25
Game region:
Difficulty level: 2 out of 5

This game, which is also known as Annet Again, is the sequel to El Viento, and was only released in Japan. So if you're a fan of El Viento make sure to have annotations on, for a complete English translation of the game's cutscenes.

The game's default difficulty setting is easy, so I moved it up to hard, but I don't know if it changes anything. I mean, to put it bluntly, this game is really bad. The only good things about it are the cutscenes and music. The actual gameplay is terrible.

For more info about the game, check out my shrine.

Earnest Evans
Video length: 43:54
Game region:
Difficulty level: 5 out of 5

Whilst this has the same levels, graphics and bad gameplay the SEGA Genesis version features, it also has a lot of poorly animated cutscenes, making this video more than twice as long as my Genesis version video. Visit my site about this game here.

Also, this is a game I have to use continues to beat, mainly because it sucks and I haven't got the patience to get good at it (although that might be impossible anyway).

Garou Densetsu Special
Video length: 32:10
Game region:
Difficulty level: 2 out of 5

This is a really disappointing port of the Neo Geo game. Lots of slow-down, lots of animation and speech cut and the backgrounds are very bare. The only plus point is that Ryo Sakazaki can be used in the single player mode by default. I used him for this video, with the game set on the hardest difficulty. He makes the game really easy to get through, since it seems the CPU doesn't really know how to deal with his special moves.

Mortal Kombat
Video length: 29:26
Game region:
Difficulty level: 5 out of 5

Playthrough with Sub-Zero. This game difficulty is really high, often using the jump kicks is the best way to go. But after you've defeated the seven characters, you then get the endurance rounds, which are horrible. You have to fight two opponents, one after the other, three times in a row. Sub-Zero's ice blast is a great move if you can hit the opponent with it, as it gives you the chance to land an uppercut or punch barrage.

Goro seems more difficult on this version than in the arcade, I felt. He seems to jump around a lot more here anyway. Shang Tsung is slightly easier -he didn't morph as much than he does on the arcade version.

Sonic CD
Video length: 1:03:50
Game region:
Difficulty level: 2 out of 5

This run has me get all of the time stones. From what I've gathered you can get a very slightly better ending by destroying all of the time machines and Metal Sonic holograms in the past of each act, but I think all it does is add a line of text to the end sequence, so I didn't bother with that. Just as a note, this version of the game has my favorite video game soundtrack, and you can find music from it here.

The only hard parts of this game are the race against Metal Sonic, and I never like doing that short section in the final level where you have to get across a bottomless pit (which is the only one in the game, if I'm remembering it right).

Streets of Rage
Video length: 54:07
Game region:
Difficulty level: 3 out of 5

This version of the game is included on SEGA Classic Arcade Collection. This is the Japanese version, which strangely keeps the American name of Streets of Rage (instead of Bare Knuckle). The CD includes 3 other games: Golden Axe, Revenge of Shinobi (which again uses the American name rather than Super Shinobi) and Columns.

The collection was released outside of Japan, and an extra game was added: Super Monaco GP. Anyway, the CD version is largely the same as the cartridge version other than the voices, which were re-done.