ADV season box sets

ADV released two box sets in 2003. The first set, called Street Fighter: Code of Honor, contains all 13 episodes from the first season on 3 discs. The second set, called Street Fighter: Soul Powers, contains all 13 episodes of the second season, again on 3 discs. The episode selection menu refers to "The World's Greatest Warrior" as "The World's Greatest Fighter". There are no extras other than trailers for other ADV anime and cartoons. The discs are also locked to only play on region 1 DVD players.

Both sets have the episodes listed in a different order when compared to the broadcast order.

Discotek box set

Discotek released a set in 2016, which contains all 26 episodes from both seasons across 4 discs. Released under the name of Street Fighter: The Animated Series, this is the best set to buy, and has the added bonus of being region free -despite the discs claming to be region 1, they will still play on any region of DVD player. The only disappointment is the lack of extras, with just a trailer for the series being included on the first disc -and even then, the trailer is simply the show's intro, but with the Street Fighter logo and some copyright text added at the end. Unlike the ADV sets, the episodes are in the original broadcast order.