Q] Are there any differences between the Japanese and English language versions?

A] In Japan, Night Warriors is known as Vampire Hunter. The logo shown at the start of most episodes is different between versions because of this. Several of the characters also have different names:

English name
Japanese name

In the Night Warriors game, Anita is called "Amanda" in the non-Japanese versions, as seen in Donovan's ending. But even in the English dub of this anime, she is called Anita. And it seems that Capcom have gone back on this name change as even in some of the other games she's appeared in, such as Marvel Vs. Capcom, she is called "Anita" no matter the region.

The credits sequence for the anime features several shots of a guitar with characters on it. One of the guitars has the names of the characters on it. The dubbed versions did not change this sequence, so the Japanese character names are still quite clearly seen. The credits for the Viz video release refer to Mei-Ling under her Japanese name, but misspell it "Ling-Ling".

Q] Where can I see this?

A] In America, Viz released all episodes on video, with the option of subbed or dubbed versions. Viz later released the series on DVD. There doesn't seem to have been a DVD release in the UK, but Pioneer Entertainment did release the series on video -I've never seen their version but I'd presume it would use the Viz English dub. The series saw an Australian DVD release via Madman Entertainment in 2012. Their version is the one I used to get the screen caps for.