Having led the two beasts after her to the human world, Morrigan starts to fight with them. It doesn't take her long to kill them both, and she then descends into the ruins of Demitri's castle. Heading deeper into the wreckage, she finds Demitri.

As she kneels by him, he suddenly wakes up and bites into her. Morrigan doesn't resist as he sucks her blood for a few seconds. She says she is surprised that she is helping him. He thinks that it is because she thinks he is her future. He still intends to eventually become the King of the demon world. Morrigan thinks that he may be right. The dark has become stagnant, and only change can save them.

Meanwhile, Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling have found Pyron, and are fighting him in a coliseum. But no matter how hard they try, he takes everything they've got and absorbs or deflects any weapons that Hsien-Ko tries to use. She then uses her chireitou technique...

...but Pyron stops it, creating an explosion so large that Hsien-Ko is sent flying back. Mei-Ling catches her, as Hsien-Ko says that Pyron is tougher that they thought. She wonders what they should try next, as none of their attacks are working.

Pyron then throws fireballs at them, causing another big explosion. Mei-Ling manages to get herself and her sister away to safety, but Hsien-Ko says she can't go on. She tells Mei-Ling she'll have to fight on by herself, but Mei-Ling tells her to stop being ridiculous.

The two then see that Anita has appeared. They tell her to get away, but she instead screams out Donovan's name. Donovan then appears, and wastes no time going on the attack.

But like the sisters, none of his attacks seem to work against Pyron. Pyron thinks he is so very weak, and as Donovan blocks one of his fireballs, he then starts to strike back, badly injuring his opponent.

As Donovan crashes into a wall, he looks at his spilt blood and wonders what it is that keeps him fighting, and why he cannot stop. Hsien-Ko thinks there is something wrong with him. Mei-Ling tells her that no matter how he fights against the dark, the darkness in his blood will never go away. And so long as he has that, the humans will never accept him. They will never believe that he can hate the dark.

Pyron starts to pound Donovan, saying that there is no sport in an opponent so pathetic. He wants Donovan to disappear from his sight, and blasts him with a fireball which sends him far up into the coliseum.

As Anita starts to run to where Donovan has fallen, a new challenger appears to confront Pyron. It is a giant Huitzil, who says he will destroy everything to return the status to zero. Pyron says that these lifeforms will produce a ruler, eventually. But he cannot understand how they can continue with so few evolutionary advances. He's yet to find such a back-sliding mudhole. The Earth is boring. Boring, boring! He finds the planet so boring that he wants it to begone, so it plagues him no more.

Huitzil says that of all the lifeforms to be exterminated on this world, Pyron will be the first. He moves into the stadium, but Pyron leaps up into the air and yells. Suddenly, the five suns around the town start to glow. The scientists are killed when the satellites they are in explode, due to the glowing suns. These suns or crash together around Pyron.

This causes Pyron to increase in size greatly, and he is soon as big as his opponent. Huitzil says extermination of all lifeforms is required to stop Pyron from evolving, as he goes on the attack. He fires a huge laser, which Pyron avoids by floating upwards.

Huitzil goes after him, but gets smacked back down to Earth. Pyron follows him and continues to smash him around, causing him damage and making him fall down again.

Huitzil hasn't been destroyed though and says it is pointless for lifeforms to fight. Peaceful co-existence creates natural balance. He then changes his arms into magnets, which surprises Pyron. Huitzil is drawn in towards the power of his opponent, and then grabs onto him. He then says they will depart from this Earth, and blasts off, taking Pyron with him.

Huitzil takes Pyron into space. But Pyron soon breaks free, causing Huitzil's arms to snap off. Pyron then throws out several projectiles, which explode all around Huitzil and badly damage his body.

Pyron watches and says that exterminate is a program Huitzil is well suited for. Huitzil falls through space, but says that whilst his body may be destroyed, the program will continue. It is the will of their creator. Back on Earth, parts of Huitzil's body are seen falling through the sky.

Anita and the others have surrounded Donovan. He is somehow still alive, and he thinks back...

Donovan meditates whilst sitting on some spears. An elder asks him why he was torturing himself so. This place was a sanctuary, where humans and those of the dark could live together. Whilst life here may not be easy, it is at least a place where they can be accepted for what they are, and not what others assume them to be.

Some children present also spoke. One asks why others assume he asked to be born like this. They live here because there is nowhere else that they can live. The elder thinks there was enough suffering already, but Donovan then pierces his hand. He says that humans run from the dark, but the people of this valley also run from humans. He wonders why they have to hide themselves in the shadows of man, as if they are unclean. They also have a right to live. He then pierces his other hand.

The elder tells him that this place is known as the tainted valley. The humans want the dark ones destroyed, as it is the only way they can think of to protect themselves. Donovan thinks that all of them here want to live with the humans, but the price to do that is high. They must be labeled as outcasts, and he doesn't see why that must happen. He says that he is not immune to desire, but that desire turns to anger. His anger is what wants to destroy the dark, and the humans who hate his tainted blood. What other course does he have other than to torture himself, and to kill the humans?

The elder tells him that this will he has is the sign of a human heart. The elder's beads then start to glow, and leave him. They head towards Donovan and destroy the spears he was sitting on.

As Donovan lands, the beads surround him. The elder tells him his heart, and the feelings he has, are something he should come to love. Could he not come to peace with his own heart?

Back in the present, Morrigan and Demitri stand outside the castle ruins. Demitri says he will go forth once more, to take his proper place as ruler of the demon world. He wants to fight again, but Morrigan tells him to wait. She can sense a will which must not lose, and she says they must let the humans fight this battle.

At the coliseum, Mei-Ling tells Donovan not to give up, but Hsien-Ko fears the worst. Anita stares at Donovan, but then kneels down in his blood. She says for him not to go, screaming out her words, as she suddenly makes his blood glow.

Something then happens, as Anita says that Donovan's blood is not dirty, and neither is his soul. Suddenly there are a lot of swirling lights, which all enter into Donovan himself.

Donovan is revived. Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling see that all of his wounds have been healed, and Mei-Ling says that all of this was possible by the power Anita has. Donovan says that to hate yourself or to feel love...thoroughly, and with true humility...then, and only then, can one love others as well. He then reclaims his sword, which starts to glow brightly.

After a large energy discharge, Anita and the others watch as Donovan uses his sword to head up high into the air. Pyron, still in space, wonders why he, the ruler of the universe, must be bothered by this pathetic planet. Why did he do this foolish thing? Donovan appears, riding on his sword. He says that foolishness comes from within yourself. And the only true battle is with yourself. To search for justification within others is the act of a fool. The first and only enemy is the one from within!

Donovan summons a spirit, which surrounds him. Pyron thinks about his words but says that are nonsense, what is he talking about?! Donovan collides straight into Pyron...

...and goes straight through him. Pyron wonders what this thing is, and how he, who knows everything, cannot understand. He continues to question what Donovan was talking about, but he begins to die.

Pyron explodes into nothing. Donovan watches the explosion die out and says that the path he follows may lead him into the labyrinth of the dark. But he does not fear it, and the Earth gives him his strength. He has learnt to love his own heart, as how can he do otherwise. And with that comes love for Anita.

Anita smiles, showing happiness. Graced by the tender warmth of her smile, Donovan says he will go on and search for a truth uniquely his.

Having seen everything, the Huitzil in space orders for their orders to destroy all lifeforms to be withdrawn until further notice. Additional data is needed for the program to continue, such as more information on Earth's evolutionary status. The extinction of all lifeforms has been stopped, pending further assessment...

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