At some temples, the Huitzils have gathered together. The lifeform they have been tracking has passed safety parameters, and only exists to increase the destructive energies it has. Some of the temples then burst open.

Objects appear out of the temples, which form together to create a giant Huitzil. They will not let anything stop them from completing their mission: they will exterminate all lifeforms!

Meanwhile, Pyron is also on the move. He travels around the world, seeking out the strong. He finds his first opponent in the form of Anakaris, an ancient mummy.

Plowing straight through his opponent's attack, Pyron releases a fireball which hits Anakaris and sets him alight. He falls away to his death.

Pyron's next opponent is Rikuo, a Merman. After briefly testing his abilities, Pyron smashes Rikuo around and then hits the floor, causing a colossal explosion.

Sasquatch is Pyron's next challenge. Sasquatch kicks Pyron and then uses a move that freezes him.

However Pyron breaks free, and surrounds Sasquatch. He lifts him up into the air and then slams him into the ice, cracking it wide open. Pyron thinks that he, who's body was created in space, eventually became this: a being of psychic energy and ambition. This body, which shines so brightly, can now melt the heavens, and could vaporize an entire world in moments.

However, this Earth offers him something long since forgotten: battle. The bloody sport of combat, practiced only by the lowest of sub-creatures. Pyron then fights against the Darkstalker known as Victor. Victor uses his raw power to try and combat Pyron, but it is no use. One of Pyron's suns passes through the ground they are fighting on, breaking it apart. Victor falls.

Pyron unleashes a couple of fireballs, which hit Victor and send him flying down towards the ground, hundreds of feet below. Pyron says that battle will be the means of their destruction.

At Demitri's castle, Demitri's servant is pouring his master some tea when everything begins to shake. The castle's defenses starts to open fire... one of Pyron's suns. The sun cracks, but is not badly damaged, and instead it returns fire. It uses a massive laser shot which hits Demitri's castle.

The servant says he will leave the actual fighting to his master, and disappears. Demitri thinks that it is impossible for his noble powers to lose for a second time. He heads outside his castle.

Pyron also appears, and without them saying a word to each other, they start to fight. Demitri changes to his demon form, and manages to plunge one of his fists straight into Pyron's body.

But Pyron just laughs and then transports himself and Demitri onto some rooftops, where their battle continues. After slamming Demitri a few times, Pyron unleashes a large fireball.

This hits Demitri, causing even him to stumble. Pyron says that the Huitzil told him that Demitri was the one who they deemed the strongest of this world. He thinks that the robots overrated him. Demitri says that it is a mistake to underestimate the power of the demon world. He goes to punch him, but Pyron teleports.

He says that Demitri's so-called "power" is nothing and that his own power is the greatest in the universe. He then summons several small, glowing spheres, which chase after Demitri and surround him. They then all explode.

Pyron uses this same technique again, and Demitri is sent flying into the foundations of his castle. The impact causes the ground to break apart, and the castle starts to fall.

It eventually topples over and crashes into part of the town below. Pyron wonders if this was the best the Earth had to offer, as if it is then he is very disappointed. Many Huitzils then appear around Pyron. Pyron asks if they are certain this is the lifeform they deemed most dangerous. When he descended on this Earth, he learnt that his descent made the lifeforms here stronger. He also learnt that there were robots who would destroy them when they became too powerful.

Whilst this world has offered him some sense of battle, it has yet to offer him one strong enough to satisfy him. One of the Huitzils tells him that there is no need for lifeforms to fight. Peaceful cooperation creates natural balance. Pyron believes he is the form of this world's future, and he wants the battle to continue. Only the strongest will ascend to greatness, such is evolution. Such as unnatural factors as the Huitzils exist, a true and proper ruler for this world will never appear. The Huitzils say that this world has no need for a destroyer, and then they turn on their master!

The robots start to attack Pyron, but they are absolutely no match for him. He destroys all of them in a matter of seconds.

In the demon world, a meeting is taking place, one which Morrigan is present for. They have just seen Demitri be defeated, and his castle has fallen. What kind of creature has descended upon the human world? A discussion takes place, and an idea is put forward that Pyron is a power from outside the demon world. Pyron is fighting the Darkstalkers on the human world, and they believe that he will eventually find his way to the demon world itself. The relatives of the Aensland family know that there is a power struggle in the demon world between other families, but they suggest calling an alliance to deal with this new threat.

The other families aren't so keen on this idea, saying that they are not as powerful as the Aenslands. They instead pin their hopes on Morrigan, saying that she is the most powerful warrior that the demon world has yet to produce. The Aensland family then receive news: dark forces have surrounded their territory. They realise that the other families may plan an attack on them, so they cannot divert their forces to deal with Pyron. Morrigan suddenly summons a key, which will let her unlock a gate to the human world.

She knows that they face a formidable enemy, and with the chance of a satisfying battle, she could ask for no more. She is surprised at how the other families reacted when they were asked to help. Since when has the demon world become so weak? Even Demitri showed more courage. Her relatives decide to let her go to the human world, whilst they deal with things here and force the other families to cooperate. Suddenly though some giant serpents crash into the castle! Morrigan leaps back.

She changes outfits and then boosts away, with the serpents chasing after her. Meanwhile, back in the human world...

Some scientists have followed the suns to this town. They believe that this town is the source of all of their problems, and decide to burn it to the ground. It will purify the land. They deploy several small satellites, which start firing lasers. These lasers hit buildings and blow them apart.

Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling arrive, and see that the town seems to be on fire. Donovan also appears. He calls upon an ice spirit, who creates a barrier which absorbs the lasers.

Inside one of the satellites, some scientists see what Donovan did and believe that he must be using the power of the dark, even though he is a man. Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling tell the scientists to stop their attack, as there are still people inside this town. The scientists don't care though and say that the dark has taken a deep root here. The only cure is to burn it away. They think that the people here have been tainted and corrupted by the dark already.

Donovan listens as the scientists say that the weak are nothing but tools to the dark. They fall victim to the power of the dark, making the dark only stronger. All humans who have had contact with the dark must be burned. The scientists wonder what exactly Donovan is. He tells them that he was born in the union of human blood with that of the dark. By destroying all that is dark within himself, he begins to find meaning in his own existence.

One of the scientists scoffs at this "meaning". If he were truly human, then he would refuse to go on living. He can try and justify hunting his own kind all he wants. But now a new God has appeared, a God who hates the dark, and they are following his ways. Hsien-Ko says that that light is not a God, but a demon. A demon they have been chasing. She and her sister then get ready to move on, as they intend to find this "God". Hsien-Ko asks if Donovan is coming, but he doesn't answer and instead thinks about what the scientists just said.

The scientists says that they will burn this town to the ground, and it is ironic that Donovan's kind can only exist in a land like it that way. With Donovan's tainted blood, neither side will accept him. He believes that Donovan will end up trying to kill all the humans after he hunts all the dark ones. It is a harsh truth, but a truth unique to him. Donovan repeats the last part of that sentence. He says it is a harsh truth that reflects his solitude.

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