At his castle, Demitri is most displeased by this light. He finds out from his servant that the five suns, which were recently created, are converging around this castle. He has a crystal ball, which displays the suns gathering together. Demitri sees this as some kind of taunt, but he refuses to run or hide. He'll remain here in his castle.

Morrigan then appears, saying she finds Demitri admirable. She's come here to tell him of some information she's discovered, and sends a bat over. This bat changes into a book, which the servant starts to read. It mentions the robots that they previously fought -it seems that these robots have appeared in human history, and are referred to as Huitzil.

Morrigan explains that when various human civilizations became too powerful, the Huitzils would appear and annihilate them. The book shows images of Huitzils killing humans. Demitri thinks that these robots are the harbinger of civilization's end.

It seems that now, Demitri himself is a threat to the Huitzils. But he has no interest in the petty affairs of human history. He's more interested in the demon world, and says that he is the greatest power said world has ever seen. He changes to his demon form, and releases lots of projectiles at Morrigan.

There is a large explosion, but Morrigan has survived without receiving any injuries. He tells her to go back to her demon world fools and tell them that whilst they may have exiled him, he is far from defeated. His attack on the demon world has merely been delayed, and when he does invade it, he will make them all suffer greatly.

As Morrigan leaves, the servant asks why Demitri is delaying his attack on the demon world. Demitri says that there is someone on this world who opposes him, and he wishes to teach him the error of his ways first.

Elsewhere, the Darkstalker werewolf known as Jon Talbain is on the run from some humans. These humans are trying to kill him, shooting at him with rifles. He gets pinned against a wall, but then turns the tables by summoning a flaming dragon.

This dragon sets the people on fire and kills them. He thinks about how the dark ones must live, and how if they no longer exist, the human world will not know of their need for them. The next morning, Felicia is ready to start her show, but there is a problem: nobody has come to see it! It seems that current events are stopping people to coming to things like this. The paper she has mentions the suns destroying towns, and if the Darkstalkers are involved. She can't smell any Darkstalkers around here, but she does sense something else.

A short amount of time later, some Huitzils appear. They start firing at the town, but stop when they see a small cat has appeared. This cat speaks, saying that they've ruined her show, and now they are going to pay for that!

The cat is Felicia, who changes to her usual form and starts to fight the Huitzils. However Felicia finds that these robots are quite durable, and three of them trap her with barriers. She manages to slash at one of the barriers, breaking it.

This frees her and the three robots explode in a chain reaction. But there are still many more of them, more than she can handle! That is until Talbain shows up. He charges towards the remaining robots and tackles all of them.

The robots explode, as Felicia says that he must be one of the dark ones. Talbain tells her that weak ones, such as herself, should know their place and stay out of trouble. Felicia sees some humans nearby and thinks they'll blame her for what has happened. She never wanted the humans to hate her, but she then passes out. Talbain says that existence with humans is impossible, and then charges away.

Felicia wakes up and finds herself in a small hospital. She heads downstairs and finds the doctor who took her in here. She thinks he could get into a lot of trouble for doing what he did, since she is a Darkstalker, but he says that perhaps she doesn't know humans as well as she thinks. She is a familiar face in this part of the country, and anyone who has seen her show knows that there is nothing to fear. Some kids have even left some flowers for her. But he doesn't think they'll be back.

He's heard that everyone is being evacuated from this town via train today. People are fearing that the Darkstalkers are coming to this town to kill them all. Felicia says it wasn't the Darkstalkers who attacked the town last night, but some robots who kept saying "exterminate". She thinks that the doc should leave before they come back, but he refuses. He knows that the weak ones will be left behind, and he doesn't want to abandon them. Outside, one train is getting ready to leave.

But then another train appears, with several cannons on it. The guy in charge says that, from this moment on, this railroad is under their jurisdiction. He says nobody needs to leave this town, not now that they are here to protect them. They will combat the oncoming Darkstalker threat to this town.

Some of the villagers go and tell the doctor what is going on, and how their new protectors are badly underestimating the power of the Darkstalkers. Unaware of what is going on, Felicia has left the doctors, and has decided to help out in the evacuation. She wants to use her carriage to get people out, but she then sees another train ahead of her. This train fires...

...and blows hers off the tracks. Later on the train Commander sees the doctor, telling him that they have captured a Darkstalker spy. He says that it is responsible for the attacks, although the doctor isn't so sure. Later on, the Commander returns to where "it" is being held. He's captured Felicia and questions her, but she doesn't say anything. He says that she is responsible for what has happened, but she then speaks and tells him she had nothing to do with it. He then leaves.

He takes the train out to a certain location, as the supposed Darkstalkers have been seen. The train fires, but the shots have no effect against what is actually out there: Huitzils. They say that they must exterminate all human and Darkstalker lifeforms, and that they are the guardians of the Earth. They fire back.

In the resulting explosions, the cannon train is one of the first things destroyed. The Huitzils soon enter the town itself, causing as much destruction as possible. Felicia has been left chained up inside a building, but the doctor comes back to save her. She thinks he should get out of here, but leaving her behind wasn't his style.

They go to leave, and the doctor suggests heading towards some fields. But Felicia goes a separate way. She has her own plan, although she does think that the doctor has given her new faith in the human race. She gets to the train station, and finds a train with several ammo canisters on it. She gets onboard this train and drives it out.

The Huitzils see the train fleeing and go after it, which is what Felicia wanted them to do. She then hears Talbain as he comes inside and asks her what she intends to do next. She really doesn't know, but he tells her that they just need to make it to the tunnel ahead. As the train moves on at full speed, the Huitzils descend on it.

Talbain has a simple plan, and lights a fuse to one of the ammo canisters. He and Felicia then run for it, avoiding the robots and getting off the train as it thunders on. A few seconds later, the canisters explode, taking all of the robots with them.

The two Darkstalkers run as fast as they can, and get out of the tunnel seconds before a giant fireball bursts out of the entrance. Talbain asks Felicia how a Darkstalker can come to care for human lives. She says that there are those willing to understand them, if you give them the chance.

Meanwhile, Hsien-Ko, Mei-Ling, Donovan and Anita see that many more ships have arrived for the evacuation. Mei-Ling hopes Donovan and Anita have a safe journey, as she and her sister then drive off. Donovan thinks that even if those two do save the soul of their mother, they'll only place the own souls to the same suffering instead. But the belief they have that they cannot fail must be the source of their strength.

Anita says that the sisters aren't strong, not even a little bit. They are just nice, and that's all. Their "strength" is a lie. And they are just going off to die now. Donovan turns around and sees that Anita has suddenly started crying, getting hysterical.

Donovan calms her by calling out her name, and says that she cast away her emotions to protect herself. Perhaps it was appropriate for her to do so. She has once shown him her anger, and now her sadness. He asks her if she is ready. He will show her what it is to feel happiness.

Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling are still on their way, but then happen to look behind them. In the distance, Donovan and Anita are seen walking towards the source of the light.

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