At a small temple, Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling wait. Mei-Ling puts her hand in the water, but she says that this body cannot feel the chill of the water. Hsien-Ko doesn't feel anything when she puts out a candle light with just her hand. She says it is to be expected when your body is no longer of this world. Mei-Ling still thinks that they made the right choice, doing what they did. The soul is what matters.

Many years a go, Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling were in a temple. The land was under attack by Darkstalkers, and their mother stood ready to fight with them. As she watched some spirits head into the sky, she used a technique.

This technique changed her into a being of energy, which looked like a dragon. The dragon charged straight into the Darkstalkers, and destroyed them before they could pass the temple's walls.

The sisters ran out, but their mother was gone. The Darkstalkers had been destroyed, but up in the sky, they saw a comet, which was burning brightly.

The comet was Pyron, who, in the present day, has arrived on the Earth. He creates a hand, and realises that this is what they, the humans, use to destroy their enemies. He could not forget this urge, this urge to kill.

Pyron's suns are causing mass devastation to cities, and the survivors flee from the new light. Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling see a long line of people heading towards some boats. They also see that they are retreating from the light. They believe that the enemy they must defeat will be at the source of the light. They must defeat this enemy to avenge their mother.

They then notice Donovan and Anita, who appear to be leaving also. They start to talk about him and what his life will lead to, as one of the ships leaves. It is very overcrowded, and many people have to wait behind on the land.

Some cars then pull up, and a soldier gets out, telling everyone to get back. The crowds move and Anita ends up dropping her doll in the shuffle. Some rich people get out of the cars, having secured a ship just for their own use. The mother says this is just for the children's benefit as they do so hate the crowds. As they head towards a small boat to take them out to the larger one, one of the children finds the doll and tries to scare his sister with it.

His mother orders him to throw that filthy thing away now, so he does. But suddenly the doll magically floats above the water for a dew seconds, before flying back into Anita's hands. The people around her move away, thinking that she must be a Darkstalker.

Some of the crowd decide to kill her, and pick up sticks and stones, but Donovan makes his presence known and keeps them back. Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling talk about Donovan, and how he hunts his own kind. Mei-Ling thinks he must be lonely, but Hsien-Ko reminds her that he will never truly be alone, as he has Anita with him.

Later on, Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling enter the ruins of a castle. Mei-Ling says she'd almost forgotten what the light was like, but they know what is really causing this. Whilst it kills, it also brings life, such as giving life to the flowers Anita is sitting by below. As day turns to night, they all head inside the castle.

Hsien-Ko says that they've been chasing the source of that light for such a long time. They think back to when it all started. Centuries a go, the two of them along with their mother entered a temple, passing by a large army.

Hsien-Ko noticed a comet in the sky, but Mei-Ling told her to keep quiet. They went inside the temple, where they were welcomed. Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling's mother was a sorceress, who was summoned here after a nearby town was destroyed by the Darkstalkers. She introduced her two daughters, who were also her disciples.

They were taken in to the Emperor's throne room, but his chair was empty. A General of the Emperor's army explained that he had fled already. Whilst they were summoned here to protect the Emperor, they came to the conclusion that they are just decoys. The General showed them a map, pointing out that strange incidents have happened ever since that comet appeared. The comet seemed to emit evil energies, and the darkness was growing stronger. The General explained that they want this to happen, and let the darkness reach this place. Then they would vanquish it.

Hsien-Ko thought that they had nothing to worry about now that their mother was here, but Mei-Ling thought otherwise. She thought they were asking more than they could give. The General admitted they were expecting much from her, but he had heard that her powers surpassed the darkness. She told him this was true, she thought, although there was one spell she could use to end the darkness. If it failed, there was no other hope.

Another man who knew about the spells warned that such magic could be as dangerous to the wielder as it could to an enemy. She could lose her life by using this spell. The General said they had no choice, as they had such little time left. Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling's mother says that it is alright, as she knew the risks before accepting this duty. Meanwhile, outside the temple, the Emperor's army had gathered together.

They soon found themselves under attack by large, demonic serpents, who crashed through one of the walls and simply began to annihilate the humans. Hsien-Ko, Mei-Ling watched as their mother went outside, as the elder told them to wait here with him.

Their mother told them to watch carefully the last spell she is about to use. The path she has chosen for herself is not one that she would have chosen for her daughters. She would have them lead the simple life. She then used the final spell...

...changing into the large dragon spirit. This spirit circled around the incoming darkness, before exploding and destroying all of the serpents. When things returned to normal, there was next to no trace of Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling's mother.

The elder said that the technique their mother used to banish the darkness has doomed her own soul to eternal suffering. Mei-Ling said that she or Hsien-Ko cannot obey their mother's last wish of them leading simple lives. They will save her from her own sacrifice.

Back in the present, Mei-Ling and Hsien-Ko explain that the last technique their mother showed them, Igyo Tenshin, uses the same power as the darkness as an energy source. They cast that spell, turning Hsien-Ko into a Jiang-Shi. They have been looking for their enemy for a long time. But they are still determined to free their mother's soul from the darkness. Anita seems to be moved by their words.

Out in a lake, Morrigan is swimming. A golden bat appears and tells her something, and she decides to go and visit Demitri. She gets her usual clothes on and leaves.

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