A river runs through a cave, but the cave has been taken over by spider beasts of the demon world. Two travelers are attacked by these spiders. One of the spiders sees that one of the men is a Priest, and he was told the eating of Priests brings eternal life. Mere superstition? They'll find out!

The two men are killed, and the spiders are about to dig into their new meals when they are suddenly attacked. Several of the spiders are torn apart by large shuriken. Another boat has appeared, so the spiders go and investigate. They ask who dares do this, and the woman on the boat -who's name is Mei-Ling -says she is one who hates the dark. Ones who hate the dark, actually. The spiders think she has great courage to come here, but not intelligence.

Mei-Ling says she hasn't come alone, and suddenly the case on her boat shatters open, revealing her sister, Hsien-Ko. Hsien-Ko is a Jiang Shi -a Chinese zombie. She wants to get on with it and tells the spiders to take them to their leader.

The spiders attack, but Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling leap up into the air. Mei-Ling changes herself into a piece of ward-paper, which attaches itself to Hsien-Ko's hat. Mei-Ling can still communicate with her sister in this form, and Hsien-Ko tells her she understands -they just need to get on with it. Seconds later, the spiders are brutally killed by her attacks.

Later on, Mei-Ling drives her car through some badlands. She comes across the aftermath of a battle, where several Darkstalkers have been killed. She drives on and comes across a town, where she finds some people having a party. They are celebrating as the Darkstalkers threatening them have been killed. She learns from one of the villagers that all of the Darkstalkers around these parts have been completely wiped out.

The man who destroyed the Darkstalkers had a large sword, wore some beads and was probably a monk. And the villagers didn't have to pay him anything for what he did. Mei-Ling decides to leave, but the villager wants her to stay. Since the dark ones carried off all of their women, she's really welcome to stay the night here with them. She'd rather not, but more villagers appear and surround her car. One of them wants her to be a good girl and pour him a drink. Mei-Ling has to wonder just what is it with men. She takes his hand...

...and throws him. She then unites with her sister, and Hsien-Ko says she understands. She just needs to hurt these guys a little, not kill them. She starts to do this.

Repeatedly using a gong, she takes down all over the villagers. Mei-Ling changes back to her human form, and thanks Hsien-Ko. This villager is now safe for maidens to travel through thanks to what she has done. Hsien-Ko thinks these humans can be as bad as the dark ones sometimes.

In a city nearby, one man wants a certain armor. He has a lot of suits of armor already, but they are nothing compared to the one he wants. He learns that the man he wanted to see has just entered their town. The man is Donovan, who is attacked by some of the villagers.

He defeats, but does not kill, his opponents, until some of them start using guns against him. He responds by using his sword to destroy the entire tower the snipers are in. The other villagers believe that he must also be a Darkstalker, from the power he has.

The man after the armor has seen Donovan's battle, and decides to meet with him. The occupants of a casino are surprised to see Donovan walk through it, but he soon reaches the owner. He tells him he has heard the rumors of a man who's strength is greater than the dark ones, but he'll get to the point.

There is a Darkstalker near to this city. He has setup camp in a valley to the north. Donovan is offered a reward for his work, but he says he has no need of money. He is then asked to leave through the back door, as the customers are superstitious. And he doesn't want them thinking that just anyone is allowed in his casino, as that is bad for business.

Donovan does as asked. But he questions why he does what he does, and if the light is corrupt. He asks Anita to remain here, as there is no point her joining him on his foolish way of life. He then starts to leave. Meanwhile, in the valley...

Some travelers come to a stop. The people inside the carriage want to know why they have stopped here, as it is meant to be where the Darkstalkers appear, whilst they want to go to the city. The ones taking them there explain that they want to confront this Darkstalker, as there is a huge reward for defeating him. They have heard that this Darkstalker craves blood, so if they don't want to help them one way, they can help in another. The travelers find themselves under attack.

The three men want to draw blood from the travelers, to lure out the cursed armor known as Hannya. But before they can do this, two flaming spirits appear. Between them, Hannya, the armor of hatred, materializes. This armor speaks, saying that this great continent without wars is still filled with fools. But as long as fools exist, he can still be covered with their blood. He hopes they are strong, as he prefers mighty opponents.

Hannya explains to them that he, along with this blade, can make a mighty warrior even greater. A spirit of a man appears. Hannya tells them that this man, Bishamon, desired to possess him. Together they have killed many warriors over the years. If they are stronger than this man, then they may possess the armor. Bishamon merges with Hannya, creating a body for the armor to fit around.

Bishamon draws out Kien, his blood-craving sword. If they are strong, then they can take this armor and sword for themselves. He then jumps off the carriage, landing away from the three men. But a second after this, he turns around and charges straight towards them.

He cuts one man in half immediately, and tells him that he was too slow. Did they really think they could take this armor with their pathetic strength? They are fools, but he has not killed enough. He ignores their pleas to be spared and slices the remaining two men apart.

Bishamon is pleased, but he thinks he has not killed enough. He slices apart the carriage the travelers are in, which drops down off a cliff. The people inside it have survived, and ask to be spared, as they had no part in this! Bishamon ignores them and starts to repeat what the armor said earlier. If they want to take the armor, than they can try.

Suddenly Bishamon has to spin around, to deflect a sword thrown at him. He knocks the sword back and refers to it as a blade of the dark. He sees that Donovan has appeared, and thinks that he wants the armor. Or does he want his soul? He wants to see who will be covered in the other's blood first, and prepares to fight with him.

Donovan says that he has no desire to be covered in Bishamon's filthy blood, he is just here to destroy him. The two start to fight, as Bishamon strikes at him several times. Donovan eventually leaps over and away from him. Bishamon can tell that he is of the dark, and is very pleased by this.

The two resume their battle, and their swords clash repeatedly. Donovan manages to kick Bishamon back. The travelers are glad he is here, and tell Donovan that they'll pay him handsomely if he can get rid of that Darkstalker.

Donovan thinks that they are fools, for thinking that Donovan is their savior. They do not seem to know that they, the ones of the dark, feed on their blood and souls. Bishamon is displeased by them being here and decides to get rid of them. He throws two projectiles into the ground, causing the cliff they are on to break away. Donovan uses his sword to stop the destroyed cliff piece from falling.

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