M.D. Geist was released in 1986. It was released as a video exclusive (known as original video animation, or OVA) and didn't appear to get much love from anyone. M.D. Geist had had a lot of development troubles, so much so that the actual director for it -Koichi Ohata -was not credited for it. Instead, Hayato Ikeda was given the director's credit, seemingly just to protect Ohata. Ohata was only 23 when M.D. Geist was released, and the original version of the film contained numerous animation mistakes, along with with other problems. There was very little character development for one thing, not helped by the fact that it is revealed Geist's personality is to just kill and not care about anything else. And then there is a plot that just doesn't make any sense throughout the second half of the film.

Whilst it was quickly forgotten about in Japan, when the time came for M.D. Geist to be released in America, it was massively hyped up by Central Park Media founder John O'Donnell. CPM's main anime distribution division, U.S. Manga Corps, even had Geist in his armor for their logo. When the Manga Corps version was released, it sold really well, and became the company's best selling anime title. This was despite the fact that a fair number of reviews bashed the hell out of it, but it didn't seem to matter and the sales were so good that it resulted in not only a director's cut version being made, but also a sequel.

Anime fans joke that whilst they may never be able to agree on what the worst anime of all time is, they'll all agree that M.D. Geist would take second place. After seeing it for myself, I don't think it is actually that bad, at least up to the half way point. It starts with a good action scene, and then there is the mystery of Geist -who is he? What will he do? This leads to another decent action scene with the desert battle, but then, sadly, things fall apart. Geist says little and is just there to kill and destroy, whilst the plot is simplistic and nonsensical -why is the Brain Palace trying to kill their own side when they approach it? And then there is the stupid twist ending which I won't spoil here, but they really should have come up with something better.

M.D. Geist is a bad film, but I don't think it quite deserves the "worst anime ever" award so many people tend to give it. And whilst I haven't seen many animes, out of the ones I have seen, I would say that both this and this were worse films than M.D. Geist.