Inside the tank, Crutes thanks Geist for helping them. Geist says he used to in the Regular Army and that it was an honor to fight again. Paiya then steps in and says enough small talk. Crutes asks who she is and she tells him that she is Geist's manager. He's seen how good Geist is, so how much is he going to pay her for his services? Crutes realizes what her game is but tells her to forget it -they never asked for their help. Paiya says that's garbage, as they saved them, and she doesn't like Crutes' attitude -he shouldn't try bossing her about!

Crutes calls Paiya a hyena and tells her that they fight their own battles, they don't need scum like her. Paiya laughs -she's a hyena? She says that's right since she lives off dead men. But who made her that way? Them, the army. Their battles have killed almost everyone on the planet, and the ones who aren't dead yet are in a living hell. Paiya tells Geist they should leave, but he ignores her for the moment.

Geist then worries Crutes by telling him his name without having been told it -he seems to know who Crutes is already, and he says a code before leaving the room with Paiya. Crutes recognises this code, as Hans asks if he is really just going to let him go. Crutes says yes -as Geist is just too much of a liability. Hans asks what he means and he tells him Geist is a M.D.S. -Most Dangerous Soldier, as it stated on his dogtag. Newer recruits probably haven't heard of them, but when the war started, everyone feared them...

When the war started, the fighting soon became heavy. The Nexrum used powered machines to fight with, however, the M.D.S. were so skilled they could fight and destroy their enemies by themselves, without the need for any advanced weaponry. Crutes says they were perfectly formed for all types of combat, but they were too good. The army decided that they should be discontinued.

Back in the present, Hans says they need Geist's skills for their mission. Sakamoto, another soldier, says he agrees, and with Geist on their side it would end their morale problems. Most of the troops are already treating him like he's their savior. Crutes now has to make a decision. A short time later, Crutes calls together his troops along with Geist and Paiya's gang for a briefing. He reveals their mission, which will take them towards a large structure hidden behind some cliffs.

Crutes says that this is the Regular Army's strategic center: Brain Palace. As the war turned against them, they prepared a final program. Their mission is to invade Brain Palace and deactivate this program. The program is called Program-D: Death Force. Death Force was to be their final retaliation option, a doomsday device which would react to all lifeforms and destroy them. When the program activates, thousands of robotic soldiers will cover Jerra.

Crutes says that 10 days a go, President Ryan was assassinated at Sandorea Garden. When that happened, Brain Palace entered the final phase. They now have less than 12 hours before the final program is activated. They will attack head-on and he, along with several other soldiers, will use their R-TEX suits to attack, and Geist will also be joining them in the battle. The six of them will head inside Brain Palace and get into the control room, where their final target is.

Later on, Geist is busy making some last adjustments to the armor he took earlier. Paiya comes in, saying she always seems to find him in some back-room like this. She still thinks he is the real thing and together, they could do anything. With the money they'll get for this job, they'll be rich. They can go somewhere far away. She then realizes that Geist isn't even listening to her, as he seems too engrossed in his work.

She yells at him, saying he could at least listen for once, before storming out. As she does this, the remaining members of the gang meet with her. They've discussed things and have decided that they are going to get out of here. They've spent too much time just trying to stay alive. Mash tells her to take care. Paiya looks disappointed, but there isn't anything she can do.

Meanwhile, Geist is looking at the Brain Palace data, and finds out that there is something waiting next to the control room that he might be interested in. With his modifications complete, Geist puts on his new armor.

Nearby, Crutes and his unit have also suited up, and find out that the tank is now less than 5 minutes away from Brain Palace. Crutes looks at his depressed troops, and thinks how their constant duty has worn them out. He tries to give them all a morale boost with a short speech, but then a door next to them starts to open.

The troops look on in amazement as Geist, in his armor, appears, and tells them that now, they are going. The tank arrives at the Brain Palace, and smashes right through the cliffs protecting it.

Brain Palace has already started creating robots, many of which notice they're under attack and start to fly around. The tank's firepower leads to a lot of them being destroyed.

The tank then crashes into the Brain Palace complex itself, but it then breaks down. Geist leaps out and immediately starts taking down enemies by himself, as he makes his way towards the elevator which can take them to the control room.

Crutes and his troops then leave the tank and make their way to the elevator, but many of them die when a single laser blast hits them. The troops remaining in the tank also meet their ends when the robots start to tear into it and gun down anyone they find.

Geist makes it up to the catwalk leading to the elevator. Sakamoto also makes it, but is then killed when a robot steps on him. This same robot then turns around and guns down Hans, but Geist then shoots and destroys it.

Hans is still alive, and Crutes picks him up and takes him inside. Geist locks a door and the battle is over: they've made it. Crutes calls the elevator and the three of them descend towards the control room, but Hans is in a bad way. Crutes tells him to hold on.

Hans weakly tells Crutes and Geist that they have to get to the control room, and then succumbs to his injuries. Crutes tells Geist that, once again, the troops under his command are all dead...but he thinks that it was Geist who killed them!

The elevator comes to a stop, and Geist and Crutes enter a large room. Inside the room in another robot, but it looks different from the ones they just fought. It is the Final Striker, and Crutes activates it. A door then opens behind it.

Geist bids farewell to both Geist and the M.D.S. -Geist is a bloodthirsty demon of war, so somewhere like the Brain Palace would be a suitable tomb for someone like him. Geist reveals how he knows Crutes -he was one of the men who sentenced him to the stasis satellite. And he remembers Crutes said the same thing when he did that, too. Crutes just says it was no accident that Geist came across them, but it must be God's will that devils like him must be destroyed. Crutes then enters the control room, and the door closes. Final Striker's eyes light up...

...and then it starts to walk towards Geist. Geist pulls out his gun and fires, and the shot sends Final Striker crashing into a wall. But the robot gets up, so Geist starts firing off more shots.

However, Final Striker's armor seems to have adapted to these shots, as they do no damage to it. Final Striker once again walks towards Geist, and then destroys his gun by slicing it apart. It then starts to strike Geist.

Final Striker tries to finish Geist off, but Geist grabs it's axe and then snaps it in half. He throws the axe back at it, but it avoids it. It doesn't however avoid Geist, who charges towards the robot and starts to repeatedly punch it in the head.

After taking several blows to the face, Final Striker collapses and seemingly deactivates. This isn't the case however, as it starts to melt. The silver armor it had is soon gone, revealing a red robotic form underneath. The battle continues.

Only now Final Striker seems to have the advantage, as it quickly hits Geist back and then starts to choke him. Geist has seemingly had it, but then notices that Final Striker seems to "breathe" -as the head of it keeps opening up, showing what seems to be an organic brain for a couple of seconds.

Geist manages to pull out a blade, which he uses to stab into Final Striker's brain. This make it loosen it's grip on Geist, so he kicks it back and then jumps onto it. Geist once again uses his blade to stab into Final Striker's brain.

Final Striker throws Geist off, but the damage has been done as the robot explodes seconds later. However, it still isn't over, as Final Striker reveals it has yet another form! This form can break apart and pull itself back together -basically using limbs as projectiles. It quickly does this to knock Geist down and then pull itself back together.

Geist fires a grappling hook and hides at the top of the room. He watches as the various parts of Final Striker fly around the room and then sees that they are heading back together to form the robot, so he lets go and falls right next to where the robot was activated. Breaking some cables on his own armor, he plunges them right into Final Striker's torso just as it connects with the legs.

Geist starts to scream as Final Striker explodes. Meanwhile, Crutes is in the control room, and uses a computer.

He turns off the final program, and a computer voice states that Brain Palace is now returning to normal operating condition. Crutes checks in and states that the operation has been a success. He thinks about his fallen troops, and says that their sacrifices were not in vain. A great evil has now been eliminated from the world. A door then opens behind him, and he sees Final Striker walk in.

He says that the robot did it, and tries to deactivate it, only to have it suddenly collapse right in front of him! He then realizes that Geist is still alive, and has entered the room. Crutes just starts to laugh, louder and louder, asking why this happened.

Geist walks up to him, and then grabs him by his face. He crushes his skull and kills him before dropping his lifeless body to the floor. Geist then walks towards the computer.

Paiya then runs into the control room, and sees that the Colonel is dead. Everyone up above is also dead, but she hid so she was safe. But the only thing that matters to her now is that Geist is safe. She then notices that Geist is using the computer, and wonders what it is he is doing.

She sees that Geist is re-activating the final program! A 10 second timer starts, and Paiya asks why the hell he is doing this -he needs to stop joking around, the damn battle is over! The timer reaches zero, and a computer voice states that Death Force will begin. Geist looks at Paiya, and then grabs her.

Geist tells her that his game is not over yet -it is only beginning. Paiya realizes far too late that chasing after Geist was a terrible idea, and can only scream.

A bright red light shines out of Brain Palace. The Death Force is ready.

Covering land, sea and air, Death Force is soon deployed across all of Jerra. But one man is ready for them: M.D. Geist.

To be continued...

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