In the age that proclaimed the end of the Christian era....mankind has advanced into space, spreading its seeds across the stars. However, the flames of humanity's wars had not yet been extinguished. Even on this planet, Jerra...

Planet Jerra is populated by humans, who have created many cities across the world. But a civil war bas begun: the rebellious Nexrum army, a force which believes that Earth should not be involved in governing its extraterrestrial colonies, has started their attack.

The Regular Army fought against the Nexrum, but as time went on the Nexrum developed more and more advanced weapons, soon amassing a large army which outpowered the regular army. Cities were ruined, as the Nexrum pushed on. Their forces now included large mecha.

With no advanced weapons of their own, the Regular Army were forced to fight the mecha themselves, with disastrous results. The chaos of the war continued to grow, with neither side willing to wield a single step.

One night, a Nexrum carrier jet heads across a wasteland, full of skeletons. The jet is on the way to attack a Regular Army installation, and is filled with troops in mech suits. One of the pilots says that it doesn't look like there is anyone left alive down there, and the other pilot jokes that maybe the ghosts will come out. The troops are also getting restless.

One soldier complains about how long the pilots are taking -how long do they have to wait in this coffin? Another soldier tells him to wait, as once the fighting starts, he's sure he'll miss this flying coffin. Meanwhile, outside, not everything is dead... a Regular Army soldier lies in wait. As the carrier jet passes over him, he fires a grappling hook into it, and as the jet moves on, it picks him up. The soldier then winds up the hook, sending him flying under the jet and letting him land right on top of the cockpit.

The pilots do not have the chance to even move before the solider takes aim and fires a rocket at them, killing them both immediately. The resulting explosion destroys the cockpit...

...and heads through the rest of the carrier, wiping out all of the troops in the process. The soldier, still standing at the front of the jet, starts firing at the engines.

As the engines explode, the solider leaps off the jet, which soon crashes and is completely destroyed in a large fireball. Seconds later, the soldier walks out of the flames.

The deadliest man alive.
M.D. - 02
Regular Army Special Forces Commander, MDS.

By way of Bioclone science, his combat strength is far beyond an ordinary soldier's. However, his frenzied battle tactics were boundless. As a result of the risk he posed, he was placed in a stasis satellite in year 843 of the Jerra calendar.

MDS stands for "Most Dangerous Solder".

The soldier's name is Geist. Sometime later, Geist's satellite enters Jerra's atmosphere. Passing by ruined cities, the satellite crashes into a wasteland. But a door is opened...

...and Geist lives! He observes his old prison, which is surprisingly still intact. As he looks around and sees the vast wasteland, he says that someone has been playing with fire.

The next morning, a soldier is running through a devastated city when several bikers surround him. They fire chains at him which pierce into his armor. One of the bikers, Mash, says the soldier is an idiot who'll get what is coming to him -he should have stayed in the army!

The solider reveals that his armor greatly increases his strength, and uses it to snap the chains off. He then leaps high into the air and lands away from the bikers, but as he does this, he is hit by several arrows that pierce through him.

The biker gang leader then appears, but the solider is still strong enough to run, and starts to do so. But the gang leader, Golem, quickly grabs a large spear and throws it at the soldier, which hits and kills him.

Golem starts to laugh, but then Geist appears. He ignores the gang and instead goes to the deceased soldier, and likes the armor he has. The gang wonder who the hell this guy thinks he is -he should gets his dirty hands off their keep!

Geist says that scum like them would have no idea how to use this -only he can. Mash reveals a knife and starts to walk towards Geist, but them Golem calls out to him and tells him to stay back -he'll deal with this. He then tells Geist that it seems he wants that armor -he likes that, as it means Geist has guts. But since they were the ones who killed that soldier, the armor belongs to them. And now, if Geist wants to live, he has two choices: he can either join the gang, or he can beat him in a fight.

Geist seems interested in the fight option and stands up. The rest of the gang think he's crazy for going up against their leader, but Geist just asks Golem what the rules are. Golem says kill -nothing else! And with that, he goes to attack Geist. But as he swings his arms down, Geist pulls out a blade...

...and slices off Golem's hands in one strike. Golem falls to his knees, as Geist gets behind him and plunges the blade into his head. Golem is dead and falls onto the dead soldier's body. Geist throws him off and starts to take apart the soldier's armor. The remaining gang members decide to take revenge on Geist for killing their leader.

However, another member of the gang tells them to stop, as they can't beat that man. Her name is Paiya, and she starts to talk to Geist. She says Golem was mean, but he was still nothing compared to him. If Geist wants that armor, he can have it, and if he needs a place to stay, he can come with her. She's been waiting a long time for someone like him to arrive.

The gang members aren't sure if that's such a good idea, especially since that man just killed their boss, but Paiya doesn't want to hear it. She tells them Golem was always starting trouble, she knew this was bound to happen to him in the end. She thinks Geist is the real thing and offers him the chance to become their new leader. She says that she even has contact with the army brass. Geist asks if that includes the Nexrum, but she says it includes both sides. Geist tells her that if she tells him everything, he'll consider her offer. His first question: what year is it? He wants to know how long he's been napping.

That night, the gang have returned to their hideout. Outside, most of the gang are discussing what happened earlier. Gista thinks that Paiya's brains have gotten them out of some tough situations before, but this time he just doesn't get it! Beast wonders about that, but he says she did stop them from attacking Geist -who would have surely killed them all. Mash thinks Paiya must have some kind of plan, as she wouldn't have tried to reel him in so hard otherwise. Beast thinks that maybe Paiya plans to stab them all in the back. Mash says that if that is the case, they'll have no choice but to fight.

Nearby, Paiya has gotten Geist into her tent and onto her bed. She explains that the Nexrum tested out their battle armor, and now have the best powered machines. The Regular Army has been battered, and little of their forces remain on Jerra. But enough of that -she thinks that Geist hasn't had a woman for a while. She touches his dogtag and finally learns his name. She thinks that Geist is a strong sounding name. She then starts to strip off, as Geist asks her where the Regular Army are based now. Paiya says who cares about that before blowing out the candle light.

Paiya makes it quite obvious what she wants to have happen next, but Geist is having none of it. All he wants from her is what's in her head, the rest he doesn't care for. Paiya doesn't want him saying things like that, as it makes her feel ashamed. She starts to kiss him, but after a few seconds Geist grabs her by her hair and tosses her off the bed! He tells her to get out -he's done with her now.

Paiya asks what the hell is wrong with him, but Geist says nothing. Paiya instead picks up her clothes and proceeds to leave, but thinks that she won't let him get away, as Geist has something that other men don't. She thinks that Geist is strong enough to protect her from death itself.

The next morning, Geist and Paiya's gang have arrived at a desert. Geist uses a viewer to look at some dust in the distance, which gets larger and larger as it heads towards them. They see that a Regular Army tank is being chased my several Nexrum units, which start to open fire.

Paiya thinks that this is big, so they got lucky. But they won't get anywhere helping the Regular Army. Geist says that Nexrum wouldn't be chasing that tank unless it was undermanned. The weaker side is desperate -they'll pay more for help. Paiya tells him that the Nexrum is too strong, and they will never beat them, but Geist races down a cliff on a large assault bike. Paiya fires off a flare.

This is seen by the rest of the gang, who aren't too far away. They wonder if they really are going to have to fight the Nexrum, but Mash says that if they don't, that monster Geist will kill them all. Either way, it's the same thing. As the gang moves out, the Regular Army tank is surrounded by the enemy, and one of the tank's engine has begun to overheat. Inside the tank, Colonel Crutes learns that the amount of wounded they have onboard has led to them being unable to fire the rear gun, as nobody is left to operate it. Crutes decides to go to the back of the tank, and tells the bridge staff to maintain the present speed.

As he leaves, he tells another soldier, Hans, that they'll be in close combat soon -they must prepare the R-TEX for use. Crutes then reaches the rear gun and operates it, shooting down a Nexrum powered machine and destroying it. But another one then gets on top of the gun and starts smashing the glass above Crutes.

However before it can do that, the powered machine has an arm blown off. Geist has arrived, and he fires a few more shots which blow the machine off the tank and destroy it.

As Geist pulls up to the tank, Crutes sees him, and also sees the dogtag. He realizes, with some shock, who that man is. Meanwhile, Paiya's gang enter the battle. But as they only have bikes, they have their work cut out for them against the Nexrum's powered machines. One of the Nexrum units simply stops and lets a gang member crash into him, only for her to be sent flying off her bike.

More gang members fall, but one Nexrum soldier is told to forget about the bikers and to go for the tank. He starts his run, but then Geist appears and jumps off his bike. He plunges a spear through the powered machine's cockpit, killing the soldier inside it. Another powered machine is destroyed.

Geist lands on Beast's bike and makes him go faster, and ignores Beast's requests to stop as they head towards the tank. The rest of the gang are at the tank, where Gista fires a spear at another powered machine. It hits and Gista slams on his brakes, causing the machine to slip off the tank and get crushed by it.

Gista says that served him right, but he is then killed when he has his head blown apart by a powered machine following him. The Nexrum unit leader was the one who killed him, and he starts to go after the tank once more. But he then stops when he realizes that Geist is following him. By the time he has turned his powered machine around, Geist is right up to him, and he jumps off Beast's bike.

Back inside the tank, Hans learns that they have got engine trouble, and have no choice but to stop. Meanwhile, the Nexrum unit leader suddenly has the glass in front of him shatter...

As Geist drops down and plunges a knife into his head, as well as pulling the pin out of a grenade. Geist runs off as a large explosion follows seconds later. This explosion is seen by the tank crew, who think Geist is incredible. But they've then got trouble, as another two powered machines are now on the bridge, and are trying to break in.

Hans wants an R-TEX so he can go out and get them, only to find out that there isn't any time. However, Crutes then appears outside, wearing an R-TEX, which lets him knock down one of the powered machines off the bridge and destroy it. He then gets on the other one and rips apart some circuitry, disabling it. But that isn't enough as Crutes smashes apart the cockpit and brutally kills the Nexrum soldier inside it.

Crutes gets down off the tank and sees Geist heading towards him. Before he can say anything, Geist suddenly takes aim with his rifle! He fires, but the shot passes by Crutes and instead hits and takes down the last Nexrum powered machine.

Crutes then hears some noise and watches as Paiya pulls up on a bike. She stops and runs up to Crutes, telling him that now, they talk price -as her men are expensive.

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