Japanese voice actor
English voice actor
Ginzo Matsuo
Eric Stuart
Kaneto Shiozawa
Eric Stuart
Masako Katsuki
Sharon Becker
Mr. Big
Iemasa Kayumi
Cliff Lazenby
Robert Garcia
Masanori Ikeda
Nick Sullivan
Ryo Sakazaki
Tetsuya Bessho
Alden Crews
Takeshi Aono
Jimmy Zoppi
Yuri Sakzaki
Ayumi Hamasaki
Veronica Taylor

Japanese voice actors

Tetsuya Bessho as Ryo Sakazaki -This guy hasn't really done that much in the voice acting world and I didn't recognise most of the things he has been in, apart from him playing the title character in the 2004 film version of Ultraman.

Masanori Ikeda as Robert Garcia -I guess this movie killed a lot of careers. Masanori has barely done anything and I'm afraid I have to admit I've never heard of the things he has been involved with before.

Ayumi Hamasaki as Yuri Sakazaki -Ayumi is far more famous for being a Japanese pop star, who has released many popular albums and given some memorable live performances. Whilst Art of Fighting was her first job in the voice acting world, she later would go down the music route, starting in 1998.

Iemasa Kayumi as Mr. Big -Iemasa isn't a big time voice actor, but has has voiced characters in several animes and video games. He's the voice of the narrator in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Slayer in the Guilty Gear series and Shadowgeist in Street Fighter EX 2.

Takeshi Aono as Todo -Takeshi has been involved with many different anime series, OVAs, movies and video games throughout the years, being the voice of Rihaku in Hokuto no Ken, Deszaras in Transformers Victory and Dakuan in Ninja Scroll.

Masako Katsuki as King -Masako has a very active career in anime voice overs. She does the voice for Sailor Neptune in Sailor Moon, Tsunade in Naruto and Reccoa Londe in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam.

Ginzo Matsuo as Jack -Ginzo has voiced characters in several animes, including Captain Smoker in One Piece and DJ in Street Fighter II Movie.

Kaneto Shiozawa
as John -Kaneto was a veteran voice actor, most notable for voicing Rei in Hokuto no Ken. He also voiced D in Vampire Hunter D, Gray Fox in Metal Gear Solid, Kairi in Street Fighter EX and Shin Kazama in Area 88.

English voice actors

Alden Crews as Ryo Sakazaki -Now according to several places, this guy only ever voiced Ryo. That was the only voice over work he has ever done.

Nick Sullivan as Robert Garcia -Nick hasn't been in much over the years, but he has made some appearances in Law & Order.

Veronica Taylor as Yuri Sakazaki -Of all the voice actors used in the English dub, Veronica is by far the most famous. She's voiced Ash in Pokémon, April in the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series and Nico Robin in One Piece.

Cliff Lazenby as Mr. Big -Another voice actor who's career started with this and then practically went nowhere. He's voiced Kazuma Kuwabara in the English dub of the Yu Yu Hakusho movie, and that's about it.

Jimmy Zoppi as Todo -Credited under the name of Carter Cathcart, Jimmy has voiced several minor characters across various series, such as Vector in Sonic X and Gary Oak in Pokémon.

Sharon Becker as King -Fairing slightly better than Aldren Crews and Cliff Lazenby, Sharon voiced Darsa Keligan in Big Wars, Anthy Himemiya in Revolutionary Girl Utena and Annie in Alien from the Darkness.

Eric Stuart as Jack and John -Unlike most of the other English dub voice actors, Eric has had quite a successful career. He provides the voices for Brock and James in Pokémon, Gourry Gabriev in Slayers and Seto Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh! He has also been the voice director of several shows, including G.I. Joe: Sigma 6 and Yu-Gi-Oh!