Format: SEGA Mega Drive
Region: Japan
Release date: 20/09/1991

The first version of the game to go on sale was the Japanese release, which features cover art of Annet and you can also see Hastur in the top left corner. The cartridge is the same shape as most other Mega Drive games, meaning you can't place it into a American or European system without modifications or an import adapter. The good news is that this version doesn't have any lockout protection, so it can be played on any region of Mega Drive/Genesis systems.

This version is the rarer of the two and the price of it has risen in recent years. When I first wrote this page back in 2008, I saw copies go on eBay for around the $40 mark. However, as with pretty much all games sold via eBay now, sellers tend to stick to buy it now auctions only, and have the prices set at ridiculous levels. A lot of sellers are asking for over $200 for this now.

Format: SEGA Genesis
Region: America
Release date: 1991

Published by Renovation Products, this version is mainly identical to the Japanese release apart from the obvious things like all the Japanese text now being in English. The only major change is that Al Capone's name was changed to Vincente DeMarco, and a couple of edits were made to cutscenes featuring him -see this page for more info. The box features new cover artwork, with Annet fighting several mob guys whilst Hastur can be seen next to the Empire State building. The manual is unfortunately in black and white, but features almost all of the artwork from the Japanese version and has a detailed description of the story and characters, along with the usual things like how to play and information on the first few levels.

I paid just 99 pence for my copy of this via eBay in 2008, and it was boxed complete with manual.. Good luck getting this for that price these days, however -I've seen sellers trying to charge $50 just for the cartridge. This version of the game is region free, so it can be played on any region of Genesis/Mega Drive console -ideal for any European gamers, as El Viento unfortunately wasn't released there.

Format: Evercade
Region: Europe & USA
Release date: 2022

Almost 30 years after its original release, El Viento will finally be getting a re-release on something. It's going to be included on Renovation Collection 1, which will feature several other games, including Arcus Odyssey and Valis 3. This collection is going to be released early on in 2022. The Evercade is a handheld console which is compatible with cartridges, and it has various game collection carts available for it. A home console version of the Evercade is due for release in November 2021.