Front and back of the box. Note on the back of the case, there are images of Earnest with a green sprite and blue hair (more on this below) and there is a different picture of the map screen -it has a green line on it linking two destinations together, this is not present in the final version.

The CD.

All of the above are from the instruction manual. Somewhat interestingly, every single screenshot of an in-game level shows Earnest with a different coloured sprite, he has a green jacket and blue hair! In the final he has a red jacket and blonde hair (despite all the cut-scenes showing him with a brown jacket). Another minor point is that the screenshot of the configuration screen (page 3) is missing the option to turn the cutscenes off, something which was added for the final product. Finally, page 9 has two images from two different cutscenes, and both are different to what they look like in the final version-the boat is at a different angle and the one with Annet in it has an actual background, it's pitch black in the final.


The cover sleeve, featuring Indiana Jones. And despite the fact that Renovation should have been easily able to get proper screens, the two images from the game on the back of the box are from a prototype version of the CD game as both feature green jacket Earnest (see above for more on that).

The cartridge. At least Renovation bothered to put a picture on it this time.

The instruction manual. Every game screenshot in it is not from the final version of this version of the game -you've got screenshots from the Mega CD prototype (page 12), screenshots from the final Mega CD version (page 13) and pictures from a prototype of the cartridge version (page 6 -see this page for more details).