All of the glitches on this page work in either version of the game. You can thank Earnest Evans speedrunners for most of the glitches on this page.

Title and main menu screen glitch

At the press start screen, hold any direction and then press start. The press start text will go away, but then nothing will happen and the game's logo will be the only thing visible. Let go of the direction to make the menu text appear. You can also do this on the game start or configuration text -if you hold a direction and then press start, the little pointer arrow will disappear, but nothing happens until you let go of the direction.

Level 1 key skip glitch

Usually you need to collect a key to open the door to the boss room. However, you can skip getting this key by letting the tentacles kill you -just be sure to be facing away from the door. When Earnest dies, he'll fly back right through the door, and once you use a continue you can carry on as normal. The door will be gone after the boss is beaten so you won't be stuck. It wastes a continue, but hey, this is the speedrunning method of choice!

Level 1 boss glitch

When you collect the statue in the boss room, do a running jump so once you get it, Earnest lands on the ledge in the wall. Doing this will cause him to be stuck between the wall and boss ring. The pink projectiles can't hurt you, but the flaming skull can because it can fly outside of the ring.

Level 6 boss glitch

The boss trigger for this level is misplaced. The boss actually appears on the screen just before you can drop down into the little area you're supposed to fight it in. So if you head left you can go all the way back to the start of the level. If you do this, you'll see that all sprites will be gone -there are no regular bad guys, Annet and her car are gone, the single floating platform will have vanished and the meat on the ground won't be there any more either.

Level 8 boss glitch

Go all the way to the top of this level without killing the boss. When the boss gets to where you are, jump on his right leg. He'll start moving upwards even though there are no steps, and will eventually walk through the air. Stay on him and you'll see a gray bar at the top of the screen, and some background graphics will break. If you fall off, head back down the steps and the boss will magically appear at some point.

Level 10 end glitch

In this level, you are supposed to work your way down and enter some water. Due to an oversight with the vertical wrapping, it's possible to complete this level by going up at the start. When the level begins, jump onto the left wall and climb up it, you'll have to jump a couple of times to make your way up. Once you get high enough, the level will end.