All of the cheats and secrets listed on this page are present in both the CD and cartridge versions of the game.

Level skip

Pause the game and press up, A, down, B, left, A, right, B. Un-pause the game and you'll skip the level you were on. If you use this cheat on the last level, the CD version will start to play the ending, whilst the cartridge version will go to the credits.

Level 6 secret car

When this level starts, head left and get to the wall. Crouch and whip the wall several times. If you wait around for a few seconds, a small white car will appear, heading towards you. If you collect this, you'll receive 8,500 bonus points. If you don't collect it, the car will drive through the wall and vanish.

Level 9 secret potion

Near the start of this level, snag the whip on one of the tree branches, then hold down the jump button. This will fling Earnest to the upper left of the screen, where there is a small gap in the wall with a potion in it.