Region: Japan
Release date: 3.30.1993

The Japanese version of Annet Futatabi is fairly easy to obtain via eBay. The prices for it have gone up however, as whilst I was able to get my copy from Genki Video Games for around $20 in 2008, these days (2021) most seller are trying to charge well over $100 for it. Of course, if you really want to play the game on the original hardware, you'll have to get a Japanese Mega CD console to play it on -which are now very expensive.

Region: Korea
Release date: Unknown

The game was released in Korea, but it's not known when (possibly late 1993, or early 1994). Very little is known about it, but it's most likely the same game as the Japanese version, but with an additional Korean insert. If anyone has any scans of it, please let me know. The above image was from vgcollect.

Region: USA
Release date: Cancelled

Some American gaming magazines mentioned that Annet Futatabi was going to be released in the USA, under the name of "Annet Again". Renovation Products, who had published both El Viento and Earnest Evans for the SEGA Genesis, were said to be publishing the game for the SEGA CD. However, the USA version was never released. It's unknown if Renovation did any work at all on this version before it was cancelled -presumably they would have needed to dub the game's cutscenes into English -but it seems we'll never know.