This section of the site is about a series of games that Wolf Team released for SEGA consoles in the early '90s. Despite having the fan name of the "Earnest Evans Trilogy", the real main character is Annet Meiya -a sorceress who's destined to battle against Hastur, an evil God.

Released in 1991, for the SEGA Genesis. Annet Meiya must head to New York, to confront not only Al Capone's gang, but to also stop the Cult of Hastur from reviving their Lord.

Released in 1991, for the Mega CD. The prequel to El Viento, this is the only game in the series where Earnest is playable.

This game was also released for the SEGA Genesis in 1992, but the story was changed so it was a sequel to El Viento.

Released in 1993, for the Mega CD. Annet Futatabi is the final game in the series, and was only released in Japan. Annet finds herself a target of the deadly Nexuses army.

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