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The Forbidden Fist
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As Kenshiro leaves Last Land to find medicine for Bista, Seiji enters the scene.
Original Japanese release date: 23rd October 2003

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Seiji, the man seen at the end of the previous episode, enters Last Land. He finds part of Sanga's army wondering what they should do with themselves when two other men appear, and try to kill him. He defeats them both and gets Ches, one of Sanga's troops, to switch sides along with the rest of his troops, so they now all serve him. Seiji is taken into the main palace, and heads down into the caves, where he finds the body of Sanga. Sanga was Seiji's father, but Seiji hated him and had come here to take over. Later on, Seiji has Sara imprisoned and then sits in his late father's throne.

Meanwhile, Kenshiro has gone to get some medicine for Bista, but was told it was near a place guarded by a clan known as the Clifflanders. Kenshiro encounters several members of this clan, who attack him. Kenshiro defeats any challengers, but he doesn't kill any of them.

Back in Last Land, Seiji has Sara taken to his room, where he intends to rape her. After ripping apart her top, he then makes his move, but Sara has a plan of her own: she quickly hits a pressure point on his back! She hit the "Kenshin" point which was meant to kill him, but Seiji just laughs. He now understands how her miracles work, but tells her that her techniques will not work against him, a Hokumon no Ken master. He then says that from today, everything in the world belongs to him. He then hits a point on her chest which makes her pass out. Meanwhile, Kenshiro continues to defeat members of the Clifflanders when their master, Roushi, appears. Roushi instantly knows that Kenshiro must be the successor to Hokuto Shinken. Roushi explains that he is a master of Hokumon no Ken (Fist of the North Gate), a style started 400 years a go by a man who failed to become the successor to Hokuto Shinken.

Roushi explains that he and his group are here to protect a large stockpile of nuclear weapons, which they found. They do no want anyone to use them again, and since they cannot be properly disposed of in this age, they are here to prevent anyone from accessing this area. Roushi tells Kenshiro that their style is not meant for the outside world -but someone has broken this rule. A man known as Seiji learnt all of the Hokumon no Ken techniques within two years and then killed his master, before leaving this place and heading to Last Land. Some men were sent out to stop him, but they have not returned and Last Land has probably fallen under Seiji's control. They tell Ken that Seiji held a grudge against his father, a man known as Sanga. Sanga had left his son to die a long time a go.

Back in Last Land, Sara attempts to kill Seiji, but her knife simply breaks when she strikes him with it. He turns around and grabs her, asking what she lives for. Affection and love are pointless, so he never shows any of those feelings. Everything he lives for he can obtain through fighting. Sara sees a scar on his neck and realises she has met him before -when she was much younger, he saved her from a wolf. Elsewhere, Tobi and Bista have managed to leave the cell thanks to Ches' stupidity, and head out of Last Land via the sewers.

The next morning, a couple of guards are on patrol when they are suddenly shot to pieces by a volley of arrows. Tobi is leading a rebellion, saying that Seiji has injured their God, Doha, and he must pay. Soon a large battle breaks out between the villagers and Seiji's army. Ches lets his master know about what is going on, but Seiji just tells him to get the rest of the army together and kill them all. With this rebellion crushed, Sanga's Last Land will be no more and his Last Land will begin. Kenshiro races back towards Last Land at top speed.


-Sanga's body was totally blown apart by Kenshiro in the previous episode, but in this one his body is back together again when Seiji finds it.

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