This ending was originally used for the Japanese video and Laserdisc editions.

Ken-Oh and Kenshiro have just hit each other so hard they have both fallen down. Ken-Oh gets back up, but this time, so does Kenshiro. Ken-Oh says that his fists are invincible, no matter how powerful Kenshiro has become.

He wants to finish it all now and says that by killing Kenshiro, he wil destroy the 2,000 year legacy of Hokuto Shinken forever! He believes that his own fists have surpassed the style. The two warriors have enough energy to land their final, fatal strikes.

But just as they are about to hit each other a voice cries out for them to stop and they do, just in time. Lin was the one calling out to them and Ken-Oh realises that it was the little girl he saw earlier, he believes she was following him for a reason: to stop this fight. He tells her that Kenshiro will be alright and so will he, but she must hurry and grow up.

As Ken-Oh leaves he says that if Lin hadn't have interrupted this fight they would have killed each other without a doubt. But their final battle is yet to come, their war is not over yet. He leaves Cassandra on Kokuoh-Go and then the rest of the movie plays out in the same way as the usual ending. So a long with some new footage there were also a couple of edits made to certain shots that you can see here.

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