The following deleted scene can be viewed on the "Gory, Gory, Hallelujah!" featurette on the DVD's special features. It would have shown what happened to Stalin, who in the final cut of the film is last seen being ordered by Jackal to go back to Shin and tell him "seven wounds". It appears that Stalin was meant to encounter Kenshiro, and was defeated by him -the below footage shows that Stalin has already been knocked down. It is unknown if the scene where Stalin fights Kenshiro was filmed or not.

The set used for this scene is used in the movie -it's the set seen where the zombified Ryuken appears before Kenshiro, just set at a different time of day.

As Kenshiro and Bat walk towards Stalin, Bat asks what Kenshiro will do to him now. Kenshiro glares at Bat, so Bat walks off. Kenshiro then walks up to Stalin.

Kenshiro crouches down next to Stalin, and hits several pressure points on his back and neck. Stalin asks what Kenshiro is doing, and Kenshiro says this is something his father taught him. Stalin realizes he can't control his legs, which start rising upwards. He asks to make it stop, but Kenshiro asks how many soldiers are there at Paradise Valley? Stalin says 15, counting him. Kenshiro says it sounds like 14 to him. Stalin says 14 then -who cares?!

Kenshiro picks up Stalin's gun, and tosses it in front of him. Kenshiro asks how many guns are there, and Stalin says one more. As Stalin's legs continue to rise, Kenshiro asks what Shin wants. Stalin says food, water, slaves -what else is there?! Kenshiro asks him where was he going, and Stalin says to Shin, to give him a message: seven wounds.

Stalin begs Kenshiro to make it stop, as they had a deal. Kenshiro says actually, they didn't. Kenshiro tells him to give it time, think about it. Stalin's legs continue to rise up, to the point where his spine snaps, killing him.

The director the yells cut, and the camera pulls back, revealing that Dante Basco stayed on the set during the filming of this scene.