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The Strongest Era of Hokuto! The Fate of the 3 Brothers is Finally Moving!!
-From Rage Quitter 87's Fist of the North Star site

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Raoh starts to make his way to Koryu, whilst Toki decides to fight his brother.
Original broadcast date: March 27th 1986

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A man known as Koryu is sitting in meditation, and knows that another star of Nanto has fallen. But now, the stars of Hokuto have begun to rise. Another man appears who moves as fast as a ninja, who is Zengyo. Koryu tells his servant that Raoh has begun to move again, and he needs him to track his movements. Raoh is currently seeing to the wound he got whilst fighting Kenshiro, but maintains that he will return as Ken-Oh soon. Elsewhere, Toki cures an ill child.

Moving outside, Toki tells Ken that after seeing him battle Souther, he has decided he also wants to fight. Zengyo returns to his master and has found out that Raoh is heading this way. Koryu explains that he fought Ryuken over who would become the successor to Hokuto Shinken, but they were in danger of killing each other.

Not wanting that, Koryu allowed Ryuken to become the successor, whilst he exiled himself to these mountains. But now the danger of Raoh's ambition has come, he has decided to fight once more. He tells Zengyo that he will kill Raoh and stop him from carrying out his plan. Out near some mountains, Raoh comments that the storm brewing is a sign of his return. He continues on his way to where Koryu is. Meanwhile Toki has decided that he will end his brother's quest and seal his fist -there can only be one true successor to Hokuto Shinken, and the title does not belong to Raoh!

In the manga...

-This episode is filler and was not in the manga.


-There is some new animation shown during the flashback with Toki and the shelter -missiles are shown hitting a city and destroying buildings, ships and more. There is a particularly violent shot showing a man having his skin burnt off and being reduced to a skeleton, which I'm surprised they got away with (although it does happen pretty fast, so maybe that was why).

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