The final update to the SFIV series was released in 2014. Ultra Street Fighter IV added five new characters, along with several extra stages. Three of the added characters are Hugo, Poison and Rolento, who've all been taken from Street Fighter X Tekken, although some of their moves have been amended. New DLC costumes were also added. As with the previous game, Ultra Street Fighter IV wasn't a hit with critics, with a lot of the complaints being about how the new content was simply copy and pasted from SFxT. For Final Fight fans however it's great -in total there are now five characters from the series playable. And if you've never played Street Fighter IV before, this is the version to go for.

When the game was announced, a big deal was made out of the fact that one of the new characters was going to be someone who had never been playable in any Street Fighter game before. This led to all sorts of crazy rumors about who the new character was, with one of the more popular suggestions being that it was going to be Haggar's daughter, Jessica! Capcom didn't reveal who the new character was until several months after the game had been announced, and things backfired horribly when it was revealed that the new character was Decapre, a Cammy clone. The official stream broadcasting the reveal trailer lost several thousand viewers the moment Decapre was shown, along with a lot of booing from the crowd.

This game is available on the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360. You can either buy the disc, of if you already own the preview game, there's a DLC pack for it which adds all of the Ultra content to the game. Later, a PS4 port was announced, and was released in 2015. It had a lot of problems at launch, with several glitches, but several patches later my understanding is that it's now seen as the definite console version of the game.

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