An arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV was announced in 2010. This version was released under the title of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Arcade Edition had everything from the previous version, but added four new characters and changed certain moves. Final Fight wise there is barely nothing new here, aside from the fact that Cody and Guy have both received new alternate outfits. Some of their special moves have different properties, such as Guy's forward kick being faster than before.

Arcade Edition wasn't met with as positive reviews as the previous versions of Street Fighter IV had been. Many complained that Yun, one of the new characters added, was too strong, and it wasn't helped when producer Yoshinori Ono mentioned that certain characters were made stronger than others on purpose. There were also complaints at the lack of actual new content added to justify this update, with only 4 new characters, 2 of which are Ryu/Akuma swaps.

Late on in 2011, Capcom released a free patch which updated the game to "Ver. 2012". This changed things in the game again, such as making Cody walk forward and backwards faster and changing the properties of certain moves. Arcade Edition was released for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, with two options for getting it: there was a stand alone disc release, or people who already had the original Super Street Fighter IV could buy a DLC package which contained everything from Arcade Edition. A PC version of Arcade Edition was also released.