Street Fighter V was released in 2016. The game was poorly received at launch, with the main complaints being the lack of content (the game didn't even have an arcade mode) and the netcode not being up to scratch. For Final Fight fans it was disappointing because no characters from the series appeared in the game. That was until the following year, when it was revealed that Abigail, the boss of the Bay Area round in the original Final Fight, was going to be a playable character as part of the second season's DLC fighters.

Reaction to Abigail's announcement was not good, as his reveal trailer shows. It seems a lot of people hate the guy, and believe that another character should have been in the game over him. It didn't help that his reveal was during the same time that Geese Howard was revealed to be in Tekken 7 and Trunks was in Dragon Ball FighterZ. I don't mind though, and I think it's interesting that Capcom were able to take such a minor character from the series and bring him back with all new moves. He's the biggest character in the game as well, managing to make even Zangief look tiny. A nice extra for fans is that a new stage was added when he was released, based on the end of the Bay Area of Final Fight. Abigail's story mode also features some cameos by Mad Gear members, like Roxy.

Later on in 2017, another character was announced: Zeku. Zeku was Guy's master, and made his first appearance in Guy's Street Fighter Alpha 2 ending. Despite Zeku being an even more obscure character than Abigail, reaction to him was much more positive, possibly helped by the fact that his story and a few of his moves imply he's got something to do with the Strider series. His move set has him share some of Guy's techniques, and one of his attack is the same as Maki's combo finisher in Final Fight 2 -a jumping high kick.

In 2018, the game was updated to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Capcom also revealed the season 3 characters, one of which is Cody! He's got a new look, and has become the Mayor of Metro City. Whilst he's out of jail, he's still getting into fights, and has a mix of his Final Fight moves along with some brand new attacks. His story mode has him trying to get used to his new job, with help from Marlowe, who previously aided Haggar in his Mayor duties. Cody struggles to come to terms with his responsibilities, and gets into a fight with Abigail as soon as he sees him. He later meets Zeku, and fights him as well.

A new bonus game was also added, featuring 2P from the original Final Fight. The bonus game has players destroying barrels, and you've got 2P to help you out to do it -but you can also hit him if you aren't careful! To complete the bonus game you need to destroy all twenty of the barrels. In February 2019, Capcom announced some new DLC for the game, which includes the "Ring of Justice" stage. A remake of a stage from Super Street Fighter IV, it includes several Final Fight cameos, most prominently Sodom.

The season 4 pass also had another Final Fight character: Poison! Poison's story has her returning to Metro City, where she immediately seeks out Abigail. The reason for this is because Hugo has abandoned her, so she wants to become Abigail's manager instead. However she eventually decides to not go through with this plan. She then ends up getting into a fight with Cody, which leads to Lucia being sent in to help the new mayor.

In 2021, the fifth season of DLC characters was released, and one of the new characters is Lucia from Final Fight 3. Many of Lucia's attacks are based on her move set from Final Fight 3, and she has moves like her flame kick and run combo. Her story has Haggar meeting with her, and he tells her he's worried about the Mad Gear gang regrouping and causing trouble. Lucia investigates, which leads her to getting into fights with Abigail and Cody.

Street Fighter V is available on Playstation 4 and PC. The Final Fight characters can be unlocked via in-game currency (you'll have to grind a lot to unlock them though!), otherwise you can obtain them via paid DLC. If you intend to buy a physical copy of this game, skip this one and get the Champion Edition version instead -it features most of the Final Fight characters on it.