Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper is the title for the Game Boy Advance version of the game, released in 2002. It has all the characters from the Playstation port, but also adds 3 unlockable bonus characters from Capcom Vs. SNK 2: Yun, Eagle and Maki. Maki has all of her special moves and super combos from that game, but her voice has been changed to just a generic female grunt used by many of the other female characters.

Maki's story is that she's looking for Guy. She wants to defeat him so she can become the successor to the Bushin style. However due to issues with memory for this port a lot of things had to be cut, including the endings. Most characters all share the same ending, where they simply defeat M. Bison and go into one of their victory poses. Most of the backgrounds were also cut, and the Final Fight characters now share stages with other characters, their stages from the arcade version aren't present in this port.

The world tour mode was also removed, although several bonuses that you could unlock in it can still be unlocked via other means. The major problem with this port are the controls, as putting a 6 button game on a 4 button system is always going to have problems, and having to press two buttons together to do a strong punch or forward kick is always going to be a pain.

It isn't a bad port but in 2006, Capcom released Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max for the Playstation Portable. This version includes all of the new extras from this version of the game, but now features arcade perfect graphics along with the return of everything that was missing, including individual character endings. If you've got both consoles then go for the PSP version instead.

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