Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (known in Japan as Street Fighter Zero 3 Double Upper) was released in 2006 for the Playstation Portable. It features all of the extra features from the Game Boy Advance port, but also restores everything that was missing from it, such as the world tour mode and individual character endings. Ingrid, a character who's playable debut was in Capcom Fighting Jam, was also added to this port.

Thanks to the PSP's power everything looks just like the arcade version for this version of the game, and Maki has had her voice clips restored from Capcom Vs. SNK 2. Her storyline has her looking for Guy, so she can challenge him and become the next master of the Bushin style. Her arcade mode now has dialogue for when she fights against Sakura and Guy (her 5th and 9th opponents) along with dialogue against M. Bison, her final boss. Defeating him shows her ending, where Guy comes to her aid.

Maki wasn't given a new background for this version, instead the CvS 2 fighters share stages with other characters. In Maki's case, she shares Guy's stage, and also has the same music theme as he does.

The only downsides with this port are the controls, mainly due to the PSP's awkward button layout. If you can get over that then this is one of the best versions of Alpha 3. As well as being playable on PSP, the downloadable version from the Playstation Network can also be played on a Playstation Vita and Playstation TV.

Maki's Ending