When Street Fighter Alpha 2 was released in American and European arcades, it contained some extra versions of characters not present in the Japanese version, such as Champion Edition Dhalsim. Japan then got an update called Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha for the arcades which had even more extra character versions and some other minor changes, such as more costume colors. This version of the game was ported to consoles as part of Street Fighter Collection, under the name of Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold (or Street Fighter Zero 2' in Japan).

Guy has a new level 3 super combo move which has to be done next to his opponent. The command is half circle back twice followed by any punch button. Sodom's stage is now always the Americanized version. Along with the Playstation and SEGA Saturn versions, an arcade perfect version is available as part of Street Fighter Alpha Anthology on the Playstation 2.