Street Fighter Alpha had to be rushed out, but it was a successful game anyway. Capcom quickly worked on a sequel and 1996 saw the release of Street Fighter Alpha 2 in the arcades. It ditched the chain combo system of the previous game and had new characters, backgrounds, endings, moves and more.

Guy and Sodom return but they are also joined by Rolento, who was last seen in Final Fight 2. Rolento wants to become a powerful military leader and has attacks involving grenades and help from the El Gados, who were knife wielding enemies in Final Fight. His stage mimics his Final Fight stage as it is on a moving elevator. Guy's stage is now in Metro City and features many Final Fight cameos whilst Sodom's stage is in the desert with his truck.

Alpha 2 was another success for Capcom and it was ported to the PC, Playstation, SEGA Saturn and Super Nintendo (the latter version is also available via the Wii's Virtual Console service). An arcade perfect version was made available as part of Street Fighter Alpha Anthology on the Playstation 2.

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