The sequel to Slam Masters was released in 1994, but it wasn't what fans of the previous games were expecting. Instead, Ring of Destruction -known as Super Muscle Bomber in Japan -was a one on one fighting game, very similar to other 2D fighters such as Super Street Fighter II. You could no longer fully move around the ring, and characters now had special attacks much like the ones in Street Fighter, such as fireballs and the like.

Haggar is back in the game along with all of the other characters. He's got all of his moves from the previous Slam Masters along with some new ones. His stage is set in New York, and Jessica will also still appear in one of his win poses.

By the time Ring of Destruction was released it didn't stand out among titles such as Samurai Shodown II and Super Street Fighter II Turbo. The arcade version was not released in America, and there has never been a console port. Which is a shame as whilst it isn't the best fighting game ever, it does have some really nice graphics (the backgrounds are very detailed and well animated) and great music -some of my favorite game music is from this game.

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