The original Capcom Vs. SNK was a big hit, and a sequel arrived a year later. Capcom Vs. SNK 2 was released in 2001 for the arcades and quickly became another success story, with the usual improvements: more characters, more moves, more super combo options etc. The good news for Final Fight fans was that Rolento had been included as a playable character. He's got the same sprite and moves he had in Street Fighter Alpha 3, but has had his speech re-recorded. As in the Alpha games, El Gados sometimes appear in his win poses.

However Rolento wasn't the only Final Fight character in the game. Maki, who had last been seen in Final Fight 2, was added as a playable character! She is always equipped with a tonfa (her weapon of choice in her FF2) and has a some moves from her debut game, along with some moves that are similar to what Guy has and some completely new techniques. She can still do her gale wind kick, and it still costs some health to use. Her Bushin gouraiha super combo ends with a jumping high kick, which was her combo finisher in FF2.

Initially, the developers wanted Maki in the game, but toyed with the idea of giving her Linn (a character from Capcom's Alien Versus Predator arcade game) moves set. This idea didn't happen, and Maki has a mix of moves from Final Fight 2, some of Guy's moves, and some new moves.

Capcom Vs. SNK 2 was later ported to the Dreamcast first, but this version was only released in Japan. It was then released on the Playstation 2, this version would later be re-released on Playstation Network, allowing users to play the game on a Playstation 3 console. The Gamecube version was called Capcom Vs. SNK 2 EO, and featured a new optional control scheme which let player perform special moves and super combos much more easily. The Xbox version, which is the version I used to get the above images, featured everything from the Gamecube port along with an online play mode.

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