Cody falls, but then gets back up again. However, before he can do anything else, he gets shot several times! Belger is the one who shot him, and says that he is the chosen one -the savior!

And Kyle is not going to rob him of his destiny or revenge. He points a gun at Kyle's head, but before he can pull the trigger, Cody runs into him and both fall off the roof. Belger has survived, and sees his gun next to him.

But before he can get it, Kyle appears. He picks the gun up and points it at Belger's head. Belger says that he is their savior, but Kyle says he is nothing. Kyle shoots Belger and kills him. He then sees Cody and runs up to him, saying that he needs to hang in there. They're almost home.

Sometime later, Kyle and Cody are recovering in a hospital. Cody has reverted back to his usual self, and Kyle jokingly asks what he got up to this weekend. Cody says he did the usual shit and then says that what Kyle did...Kyle cuts him off. What he did was the same as what Cody would have done for him.'s in their blood. Cody is proud of him and says that he's finally the fighter he knew he could be.

Cody asks when their next match is, just as Vanessa enters. She tells them to give it a rest -no more fighting for a while, OK? Cody says he won't fight, but has to say that his knees have never felt better. He is about to tell Kyle something, but then notices he isn't listening. A news report is being shown on TV, and Kyle watches it.

The report shows Dr. Chang being taken away by police, but the news reader says that she was only being held for questioning -she has now been released on her own recognizance. Vanessa asks Kyle if he's OK, as it looks like he's seen a ghost. He snaps out of it and says he's fine.

The report states that a massive clean-up operation is now in effect in Metro City. Cody says he's glad that this crazy shit is all over. Vanessa hold her brother's badge, and agrees with Cody, saying it is now nothing more than a bad memory. Kyle also agrees..."Yeah. Right..."