1999 saw the release of a new game in the series: Final Fight Revenge. Developed by Capcom Studio 8 (an American team) but only released in Japanese arcades (on the SEGA ST-V hardware), the game wasn't a scrolling beat 'em up like the previous titles. Final Fight Revenge was the first, and so far only, one on one fighting game in the series. It features a line-up of 10 playable characters, all of which were from the original Final Fight. For the first time, characters like Poison and Damnd were playable.

The game flopped in arcades and became a laughing stock. The graphics were extremely primitive for the time, especially compared to other 3D fighters like Virtua Fighter 3 and Soulcalibur. The game wasn't as flashy as other titles either with no unique features to make it stand out from the very large crowd. The game was later released on the SEGA Saturn, again only in Japan, and there are very few copies to go around.

The only really good things about Final Fight Revenge are some of the super moves. Edi. E has one where he can run people down in his squad car, whilst Guy has one where he throws shurikens at his opponent whilst they try to run. And then there's the fact that the game's boss is none other than Belger -a zombie version of Belger! A zombie version of Belger who can have his head knocked off, pick it up and throw it at you! Amazing stuff. Not quite amazing enough to pay the price for obtaining the SEGA Saturn version however. Only the most hardcore Final Fight fan would want to get Final Fight Revenge.