Q] Where are the Street Fighter cameos in the game?

Early on in the first round, Chun-Li can be seen at a restaurant, sat next to a cat. The guy in green may be Lee, a character from the original Street Fighter. At the end of round 2, Guile can be seen in one of the hangars, pounding a wall.

Q] Isn't it Rolento? Why is it spelt "Rolent"?

A] Just seems to be a typo. "Rolent" is how his name is actually pronounced, as the o is silent.

Q] What's the deal with the cover art for the American and European versions?

A] The deal is that the artist who drew if apparently decided to take more than a little inspiration from the cover art for the first two Streets of Rage games. Other oddities on Final Fight 2's cover include Damnd, boss of the first round in the previous game, making an appearance, even though he is not in the game itself. To the left of him you can see a man who looks quite a bit like Cody, who seems to bad on the bad guy's side. Click here to see the cover art for Final Fight 2, Streets of Rage and Streets of Rage 2. Thanks to Streets of Rage Online for noticing this.