Capcom Fighting All Stars was a 3D fighting game in development for arcades. In 2003, the game was put into the location test stage and was seen in a number of arcades in Japan. However, the reception to it was apparently negative, and Capcom ended up canceling the game.

From what limited information I've gathered, the game was going to be set in Metro City. A new bad guy known as just "Death" is running around the city with a bomb, which needs codes to diffuse. Death's allies have the codes and Haggar calls upon the help of others to assist him in beating the info out of them. Ryu (Street Fighter), Chun Li (Street Fighter II), Charlie (Street Fighter Alpha), Alex (Street Fighter III) Hiryu (Strider) Batsu (Rival Schools) and Akira (Rival Schools) answer Haggar's call. All of these characters would have been playable in the game. Poison was another playable character, although I doubt he would be on Haggar's side. Each character would also have an alternate outfit, as this scan proves.

Capcom was losing a lot of money at the time, with their big games (such as Resident Evil 0) failing to see great sales. They may not have wanted to take the risk with this game, especially after the negative feedback it got. The game was cancelled. Ingrid, a new character seen in this game would end up appearing in Capcom Fighting Jam, a 2D fighter released in 2004.