This Street Fighter Zero 2 live action sketch is taken from a Japanese new year celebration variety show, which I don't know the name of. I imagine it was broadcast in either 1996 or 1997. Anyway, the sketch involves 3 fights, one of which has Sodom go up against Dhalsim! The fight takes place on Sodom's stage, and Sodom walks onto the screen and admits that he's an American...but he loves Japan!

The fight begins and Dhalsim can jump really high! He manages to jump onto Sodom's shoulder.

"What?! Get off me!"

Sodom throws Dhalsim to the floor, getting the first strike. But he needs to watch out, as Dhalsim can extend his limbs! Dhalsim sends forward his arms, how can Sodom get rid of this problem?

By literally getting rid of it! He uses his sais to trap Dhalsim's "arms" and tosses one aside. Dhalsim tries to poke Sodom with his remaining arm but it isn't any use and that one gets thrown aside also.

Dhalsim uses his yoga teleport to move past Sodom, but this plan is foiled when Sodom uses his sai to...cut through one of the wires keeping Dhalsim in the air!

Dhalsim falls down and Sodom stomps on him -knock out!


(I'll stop anything!)

The Street Fighter Zero 2 live action segment can be seen here, and is well worth watching whether you are a Street Fighter fan or not.