In October 1995, a Street Fighter cartoon series started to air. Lasting two seasons and having a total of 26 episodes, the series didn't really become that well known until around 2006, when people started uploading clips of it to Youtube, showing how ridiculous it was. Highlights included T.Hawk being able to fly, Ryu getting slimed by Arnold the pig and Guile using his sonic booms to diffuse bombs. Admittedly the series isn't as awful as some people say -season 1 has some silly moments, but the second season had better writing and storylines. To read overviews of every episode, visit my cartoon coverage section.

In the first season, the main characters are all from Super Street Fighter II Turbo. But in the episode "The Medium is the Message", several characters from Street Fighter Alpha make small appearances, taking part in a tournament. Guy and Sodom are in this tournament. Strangely Sodom's mask doesn't cover up his face, and he is defeated by Chun-Li. Guy is briefly seen fighting Blanka, and loses to him.

Early on in the episode, Guile is shown some footage of a tournament. There is a crowd shot during this, and Rolento, Carlos and Maki from Final Fight 2 can be seen.

Later on, there is another shot of a crowd, and pretty much everyone from the original Final Fight cameos -the likes of Haggar, Cody, Belger and more briefly appear.

"Chunnel Vision", another first season episode, has a brief shot of this newspaper. Most of the headlines are Capcom related, two of which are about Final Fight. Underneath "FINAL FIGHT 3 RELEASED!" it says "HAGGAR AND GUY ARE BACK WITH A VENGEANCE". Under "MAD GEAR GANG BUSTED!" it says "MAYOR MICHAEL HAGGAR DEFEATS CRIME SYNDICATE".

In the second season episode "Cammy and the Bachelor", Sodom is seen doing work for M. Bison. He teams up with Birdie (a Street Fighter character) and generally gets up to no good. This was his second appearance in the cartoon, and the only episode where he's seen with his sais. For some reason he no longer wears his white socks though.. This episode also marks the only time Sodom speaks, with a whole one line of dialogue.

"New Kind of Evil" is another second season episode and has Haggar make a brief appearance. He fights Blanka and loses.

The penultimate episode of the second season is "Final Fight", which loosely adapts the events of the first game. Many Final Fight characters make an appearance in it, including Guy, Cody, Rolento and Haggar. The episode involves the Mad Gear gang kidnapping Jessica, but Ryu and Ken are sent to infiltrate the gang. Cody and Guy get involved and the episode ends with a big showdown between the good guys and the Mad Gears.