Added a page about what Street Fighter games referenced the Street Fighter II Movie.


I found a couple of extra differences in that Mortal Kombat prototype, which I've added to the page. And there's also a new image of Annet added to the art gallery.


Added a prototype page for the SEGA Genesis version of Mortal Kombat, since a proto of it was dumped yesterday.


I've updated the Street Fighter II shrine. In addition to tidying up the pages, the new stuff is:

-Added some throws I'd missed for Zangief to his World Warrior, Champion Edition and Hyper Fighting moves list pages -thanks to Ricky Khoury for these.
-Pages added for the 30th Anniversary Collection versions of the games, for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.
-Updated the info about the cancelled Genesis port of Champion Edition, since it got dumped recently.
-Updated the pages for the Genesis ports regarding the character speech sounding bad, since hackers have proven it could have been a lot better.
-New screenshots for certain console ports, such as the 3DO and PC versions of Super Turbo.
-Added a bit more info about The Tournament Battle.


Couple of new artworks added to the Annet & Earnest art gallery.


Updated the El Viento releases page, as the game is finally going to be getting a re-release next year.


A bunch of new rage quitters added, this time from Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.


Added an art gallery for the Annet & Earnest series here.


Removed the entry regarding a Korean version of Annet Futatabi from the odds and ends page, as I now have proof the game really was released in Korea after all. See the releases page for more info.


A couple of small updates to the Annet & Earnest odds & ends section, regarding who owns the rights to the series now.


To further celebrate the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter II, enjoy an English translated version of Street Fighter II: Return to the Fujiwara Capital!


Since Street Fighter II turns 30 this month, I've got a couple of things lined up to celebrate. First up is a re-done Street Fighter animated series section, which features new images and text for every episode, along with new pages listing bits of trivia and animation errors on them.

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