Legend of Raoh (DVD)

I had seen this once a couple of years a go, but as I wrote up coverage for it, I obviously had to watch it again. There are 5 Legend movies in the Fist of the North Series, this is my favourite one out of the four I've seen so far. The animation is great, it introduces Reina (finally, a female character in the series who can actually fight) and the new story stuff was fairly good, such as Raoh fighting Mei-Oh. The Souther arc didn't have particular great animation on the original series, so I did enjoy watching the Kenshiro Vs. Souther fight with this superior animation.

My main gripe with this is the fact they took out Souther's back story. Without this, it makes absolutely no sense for Kenshiro to show Souther any mercy and really it doesn't make any sense for Souther to be present during Kenshiro's Musou Tensei technique (see that sequel Legend of Raoh movie). I guess they decided there wasn't enough time to put it in the movie. Aside from that I did like this.

Legend of Yuria (DVD)

This movie wasn't very good. Unlike Legend of Raoh, this was released straight to DVD (a.k.a. OVA (original video animation) in Japan) so the animation isn't as good. But what I hate the most with this is the stupid, pointless new character -a dog called Tobi. Yes, Yuria suddenly has a dog who shows up now and then whenever the writers felt the need to shove him in there (I noticed how the dog wasn't present during the nuclear shelter scene). I can just imagine a meeting by the writers, discussing how to remake HnK and adding a dog was the best idea they could come up with. There were a couple of cool scenes, like Rei's brief appearance, but nothing in this matched up to the original series. And the ending part with Tobi, the "dog of destiny" was idiotic.

Full Metal Jacket (DVD)

I have a confession to make about this movie: I thought the entire thing was set at boot camp. Whenever anyone talked about this movie to me, it was always about the boot camp stuff. So when I finally watched it and found out that was only half the movie, it took me br surprise. Anyway, the actual move: I liked it. I'll admit I preferred the boot camp scenes, as R. Lee Ermey gives such an awesome and memorable performance as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, the no nonsense drill instructor who says some of the best things ever. After boot camp the movie follows Private Joker, who becomes a war journalist, as he goes into war. Thanks to watching this I finally know where "Get some!" comes from when people scream it out when I play Left 4 Dead. Adam Baldwin was also great as Animal Mother, who's basically the Vietnam version of Private Hudson. I liked the boot camp scenes the most, but overall I quite enjoyed this.