Here are some links to other great Street Fighter sites. Additions are welcomed, just e-mail me with any suggestions: super-galvatron at hotmail dot com

Capcom's official site. Understandably it showcases their latest games, so there isn't much about Street Fighter II on there.
A well known fighting game site, be sure to check out the Super Turbo guide they have there.
Combo videos, challenges, interviews and much more cool stuff. Check out their Youtube channel here.
Contains all kinds of Street Fighter related info and trivia, and also hosts the Street Fighter plot guide -if you want to know what goes on in the SF universe, read it.
Street Fighter Galleries
Has sprite rips of character portraits and scans of a lot of official art.
This site has a master guide to nearly all Street Fighter games released in America, and games related to the series, among other things.
2D Fighting Review
dhalsimrocks tells his opinions on nearly all the Street Fighter and SNK fighting games released between 1991 and the present day.