Unused sprites
Unused voices

Unused sprites

Ragey found these unused graphics, which were originally from Marvel Super Heroes. That "GEM VICTORY!" text is also unused in MSH.

Whilst this text goes unused, it was presumably an early wording for the assist characters, which go by the name "Special Partner" in the actual game.

Unused assist character! His name is Tomichin, and he is a caricature of one of the game's designers. This caricature previously appeared on one of Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter's Secret File pages. From the looks of it, Tomichin would drop down, and do a quick punch, although he has what appears to be another attack where his fist shaped nose would extend out to hit the opponent! Thanks to Ragey for being smart enough to rip the graphics and color them correctly, as people like me just have no chance.

To my knowledge there is no random select option in the game, so this is unused. It was possible this was used in the location test versions before all the characters were in the game, though.

This kid would have been in the bathtub stage, but he goes unused. I couldn't find any legs for him.

Sakura has an unused animation where her towel starts to fall off, she notices, gets flustered and then quickly fixes it. The final game just has her constantly doing her fist pump animation.

Kei seems to have some cut frames related to the unused Sakura animation, where she'd get shocked at her friend's wardrobe malfunction.

Unused voices

Announcer: "Thank you for playing."

Announcer: "Coming Soon"

Announcer: "Tomichin"
Tomichin is an unused assist character, see above for more details.

Onslaught: "You shall be the first to fall"

Venom: "There's no justice"

Venom: "We meet at last"