In 1994 a port of The Punisher was released for the SEGA Genesis (SEGA Mega Drive in Europe). Whilst the game was published by Capcom, it was actually developed by Sculptured Software. This company had previously worked on original games such as Super Star Wars and arcade to console conversions, including the Super Nintendo versions of the first four Mortal Kombat games. Even though the arcade version was released in Japan, this port wasn't.

The Genesis version has obviously been stripped right down in the graphics department -there is a lot less detail, sprites are smaller and the lack of colors is extremely noticeable. Still, all the levels are in, most of Punisher and Fury's moves are there and there is still a 2 player option. There were also some other changes to this version -the boss of stage 2, Guard Droid, looks completely different compared to the arcade version, Nick no longer smokes, the intro removes all pictures of Punisher's family and the mob killing and the giant swing was changed into a three hit throw move.

If you played through the game on easy mode, the game will end after the third stage and you'll get a message from the Kingpin. Even though I've read a few negative reviews of this port, the price it has is quite high -both the American and European versions of the game are hard to get hold of and I've seen eBay auctions for the Euro version end with the bidding over £100. I think that price is far too high for this and we can only hope Capcom somehow manage to one day re-release the arcade version as a downloadable title for current generation consoles.