Does the Guard Droid actually belong to Dr. Doom?

According to a flyer for the game, yes. It was stolen and re-programmed to serve the Kingpin though:

"Latberia" is a typo, it should read "Latveria".

How do you get to see the alternate credits sequence?

Usually when you beat the game you will have a credits sequence where Punisher and Nick shoot on the credits. However if you manage to beat the game on one credit -which is obviously very difficult -you'll get to see a different credits sequence where nearly every character in the game runs past.

What's this about an unused level?

There is a unused level in the game that you can play (kind of) by using emulator cheats. It seems to be a unfinished bonus stage which is set on a plane. For more information on this, please see this article in my Prototype Pages section. There are also lots of unused sprites that are also covered on that page.

Aren't some of the bosses in this X-Men villains?

Bone Breaker originally appeared in X-Men comics whilst and Bushwacker was a main enemy of Dare Devil -but they both also appeared in Punisher comics, too. I think the biggest surprise with this game is that Jigsaw -who is a major bad guy in the Punisher comics -got relegated to mini-boss status in the game and even then he's a head-swap of a bad guy you fought earlier on in the third stage.

Pretty Boy was also originally from the X-Men comics.

Are there any regional differences?

Plenty. From extra moves only available in the Japanese version to character voices being at different pitches, there are several little differences in the Japanese version. See my regional differences page for this game for more information.

Why have you got different names for the stages?

The stages have different names depending on which character you play as -for example stage 1 for the Punisher is called "Back to the War" whilst for Nick Fury it is called "First Strike". In a two player game, the Punisher stage names are used.

What do Punisher and Nick say for their special moves?

No idea. Just seems to be made up words to me.

Punisher: WHYENARGH!


What's with the different dialogue?

There is different dialogue in the cutscenes for Punisher alone, Nick Fury alone and Punisher and Nick together.

Who are the people trying to bring Punisher and Nick back to life at the continue screen?

For the Punisher it is David Lieberman (better known as Microchip). In the comics he supplies the Punisher with weapons and gadgets. For Nick Fury, the guy performing the CPR is Alexander Pierce and the woman watching is Kathleen Neville. Nick comments that he is meant to be going on a date with her in one of the cutscenes.

Yan Lee?

This character's name is a tribute to Stan Lee, the man who led Marvel to success. Stan has co-created many Marvel characters, including the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Hulk, Spider-Man and more.