After making a hole in the wall, you will arrive in the hotel. A lot of guys with guns will appear and this stage starts with another shoot out.

After that is over, move on and destroy the metal gates by attacking them. Watch out though as whilst you do this, a few thugs will come on to the left of the screen and throw grenades at you. After the gates are gone, you'll have to fight through a large variety of enemies. There are many weapons you can use in this section to deal with them all.

Enemies include just about all of the ones you have fought so far, including ninjas, pretty boys and even Scully makes another appearance, only this time he has a black jacket on. His attacks are the same as before however and given how many weapons there are around you should be able to defeat him easily. You can tell when you are near the end of this section as you will see a door leading to an elevator.

The next part of the stage takes place on top of the elevator, where a few punks come on whilst someone keeps dropping dynamite from above. You can either throw the dynamite at enemies or wait for it to explode, just don't be near it when it does. There is a mini-boss in this section called Jigsaw, but he's the same as Gaullee from stage 3. He's got an assault rifle which means you can use your handgun against him.

After Jigsaw is defeated, you will head up a shaft and arrive in a generator room. At first you'll have to fight the basic thugs but moving left will have some of the stronger bad guys appear, including a couple of karate masters and a lot of the Pretty Boys.

Keep moving to the left and you will have another shooting battle to complete, only watch out for other bad guys such as the knife carrying punks. When you come across a wall, Red will appear along with several ninjas.

After they have been beaten, your character will throw a grenade at the floor and make a hole. They will then jump down and come face to face with the final boss of the game: the Kingpin!

Kingpin may look like a huge target but he is very fast and will always have several of his men to help him out. He can throw you like a bowling ball and will also hit you with his staff. One possible way of fighting him is to keep beating up his bodyguards until some with guns arrive, which means you can use your handgun and shoot down Kingpin.

You can actually throw Kingpin if you get the chance, but be warned as picking him up slows you right down and you have got a couple of seconds at most to throw him before he breaks free. Another attack has has is to fire a laser from his staff. Use any grenades you have left if enemies are all over you and concentrate on Kingpin rather than his goons as they never stop spawning.